Monday, January 25, 2016

Two More from Deirdre

These stories are somewhat connected so I will feature them together although one is mostly m/f and the other strictly gay. Back when I was starting to write Armed and Amorous, Sandra Bullock's comedy Armed and Fabulous was fresh in my mind. The title piqued my quirky sense and I knew what this story, also about a female FBI agent, should be called. I took some liberties with what I know to be reality about how the FBI operates but call it literary license. I might not choose Sandra to play Kerry Satterfield but one could do worse! Anyway, here is the blurb and cover from this story.

Blurb and cover:
FBI profiler Kerry Satterfield feels she can never live down her mother’s sordid past. She pursues her
chosen career with dogged determination that leaves no time for a life, and certainly none for romance. Then she gets a strange tip on her current case. She ends up prisoner of a man she hasn’t seen for more than fifteen years before he hands her a most unorthodox means to break this case. If it fails, she’s in deep trouble. She may be anyway, because she finds Frank Ogden all too alluring.
Frank has cooperated with his step-brother, Gary, out of fear his mother will be killed if he doesn’t. He agrees to get the nosy FBI agent off Gary’s back but he will not stand to see her hurt or killed. When he realizes Kerry is the girl he befriended when they were both teenagers, he can’t resist the opportunity to pick up where they had left off. Kerry is a hottie now, even if she doesn’t realize it.
In order to bring Gary to justice for his crimes, Kerry, Frank and his friend Roy band together, and in the process, they discover they make a great team, both armed and amorous...

Some readers suggested and I myself really felt that Roy, Frank's friend,  needed his own story and at least a happy-for-now ending. Without my planning for that eventuality, it turned out to be a Canine Cupids story with a wonderful Police dog named Samson. He was inspired by a demonstration I had seen by a canine officer of the Sierra Vista, AZ police department. It was awesome! The title naturally became Saved By Sam and like all the Canine Cupids stories it was very popular.

Blurb and cover:

As he struggles to get back on his feet after the horrors of service as a medic in the Middle East war, Roy Dunham tends bar in a quiet club. The sudden entrance of K-9 Officer Samson, a Belgian Malinois, and his handsome "human" partner Craig Rommel startles Roy, and the cop's attitude puts him off.
Roy's opinion soon changes, however, after Sam and Craig save him from drug-driven violence. He returns the favor by tending their gunshot wounds, and before long, Roy finds himself hoping the policeman and the dog will become permanent parts of his life.
Can Sam be the key to winning Roy's way into Craig Rommel's well-protected heart?

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