Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Switch Off: A Gwynn Morgan Book!

In all, four of Gwynn Morgan's novels were republished at Amber Quill. Two had some minor rewriting and the others were not modified at all. The first one was The Man in Black. This is a modern western set tale with some elements of a thriller woven through the plot. It's one of my long term favorites and was my late husband's favorite of the books I had completed before his death. You can get it here: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/150-The-Man-In-Black.aspx BTW this book is PG-13, unlike Deirdre's steamier tales. There are several love scenes, but they are not terribly graphic.

The inspiration came from a real life couple who were active in the reenactment groups in Tombstone, Arizona. I lived just twenty miles west of "the town too tough to die" for over twenty years and visited often. Of course Graveyard Gulch is an analog of Tombstone. I made a lot of changes in the two characters who ultimately became the stars of this story, Melissa and Lawton, but the first spark came from real life. I have a fondness for what I call April-September matches. Not quite as extreme as May-December but separated by a half-generation or so. All but one of my serious love affairs and my marriage fit that category so maybe that's why! Mature men have so much to offer!

For what its worth, I always envisioned Sam Elliot playing Lawton but had more trouble casting Melissa. At the time, Sandra Bullock was playing roles a bit too madcap to fit but her more recent roles indicate she might have been able to handle it. We'll probably never know, huh?

I've always meant to go back and write a story for Jo, Melissa's dear and supportive friend, but so far that has not happened. Maybe it will, especially if I decide to revise this one a little and self-publish it in a year or so. Meanwhile you have two months to get a copy of the first version. To tempt you, here is the blurb and the original and the Amber Quill covers. I liked the concept of the original but the Amber Quill one is certainly more professional. However, computer art came a long way in the intervening years.

Blurb: Proverbial "poor little rich girl" Melissa Hartford, burdened by guilt and grief over her father's death, is instantly attracted to retired Special Forces officer Lawton Kane.
Haunted by the past which threatens to bring danger and death to all he holds dear, Lawton is drawn to Melissa's natural beauty, innocence and sweetness like a bee to a rose, but he dares not let her get close to him lest his enemies target him through her. He fears he can give her nothing but pain and danger, but aches to let her into his lonely world.
The Man in Black enthralls Melissa by his very darkness, the somber, stern face he shows the world. She senses the gentleness and caring behind his facade. Does she dare trust his strength and power to sustain rather than restrain her? When a mutual enemy begins to stalk them both, they must join forces to survive, but such closeness brings its own risks. They may keep their lives but lose their hearts.

Amber Quill Cover

Original Cover

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