Friday, January 15, 2016

Still going back into releases--and an offer

First, before I forget, if anyone who is reading this blog sends me some kind of documentation showing they bought a copy of The Mule Man, I will send you an unedited .doc file copy of A Mule for a Princess which as I explained is a follow-on story though not a true sequel.

Okay tonight I will do one old release, actually my third and then one 2014 story.

The Taming of Jaelle'n was actually the first semi-erotic story I started playing with, just a bit before I started to write Karola's Hunt. I have to laugh as I was kind of prudish back in those days. As Gwynn Morgan I had been writing pg-13 level romances. I did not quite close the bedroom door but the love scenes were not very graphic and the language was squeaky clean! So I dipped a toe in and then took another step and finally just held  my nose and dove right in! Turned out to be a lot of fun.

Okay, I got this picture of a somewhat spoiled and strong willed princess in some fantasy medieval world who was captured and sold into slavery. She is bought by a man who among other businesses, buys and sells pleasure slaves! He is taken with her beauty and watches her training more closely than most of his purchases and decides to take it over himself.  So in the long run it is a question of who will tame who! There is some mild bondage and discipline--something I do not write much of since I am totally not into that personally--and a bit of "Midnight at the Oasis" as one reviewer mentioned. Mostly it is just fun.

Here is the blurb and the cover.
Taken captive and sold into slavery, Princess Jaelle'n has to make some swift adjustments in her attitude to survive. She is bought by a gorgeous but arrogant man who vows he can make her and a score of other female captives into prime pleasure slaves in one phase of the moon! Although she is determined to fight his efforts at taming and training her with all her hatred and will, his virile mastery proves irresistible. She eventually must succumb to the overwhelming attraction and lets herself start to love Aguilar only to learn she'll be sold again…
In spite of this new heartbreak, can she use her newly developed skills to tame a new master?
Set in an exotic world just a bit like ours may once have been, The Taming of Jaelle'n explores the fascinating physical and emotional byplay between two strong characters and the question of who will ultimately tame whom.

A Game of Hearts was a Sept 2014 release. This may be the most unusual story I have written because it delves into a notion that had haunted me for some time. I am a staunch supporter of the organ donor network and the idea of letting someone's death give a new lease on life to someone else. When my younger brother died early from an aneurysm, I signed the papers to allow anything that could be used to be taken prior to his cremation. I know at least his eyes gave someone new sight and I am happy for that. But what happens when a person receives an organ and goes on with his or her life? Can anything from the donor live on in terms or memory, personality or other aspects? That is the premise this tale explores. Reviews were mixed but most seem to feel it was a powerful tale. Here is the blurb and the cover. 

Blurb: Acclaimed photographer DeVore Weyrick lost the love of his life ten years ago, and when it came to his love life, became a recluse. Now, at one of the few social functions he steels himself to attend, he meets an amazing young man and suddenly begins to wonder whether he can find new life and new love. The game of hearts is always risky, but what if a part of your first love now lives within another man’s body?
Tim Hardesty was a preemie and always frail. As a teenager, an organ transplant was the only thing that could save him. Now grown to manhood, he is still struggling to break away from family ties and find a purpose for his life. It’s a thrill to meet the charismatic DeVore, an idol whose powerful photographs move many. But is this attraction his own or coming from the stranger’s heart now beating in his chest?

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