Thursday, January 14, 2016

More of Deirdre O'Dare's Stories

I had six releases in 2015, all with Amber Allure, the GLBT line. I'll feature the last two today.  Remember you can get them and others at

The Mule Man was released in December. I'd been wanting to feature a mule or several in a story for along time. Years ago I was in business with my dad raising and training horses and mules mostly for trail riding and hunting or wilderness expedition use. I am a big booster of the long eared critters and delighted to see that in many 'horsey' circles they have become very popular. I think that is uber cool!

Anyway, here is the cover and blurb from The Mule Man. BTW, the yet unpublished A Mule for a Princess that I have talked about some is a follow-on to this story. I hope to get it in some publisher's queue very soon!

Blurb: Orville “Orr” Loveless is exactly where he knows he belongs, rescuing and training mules.
Despite their reputation, which Orr feels is undeserved, he knows mules are smart, sure-footed, and great mounts for trail riding and outdoor adventures. He has no tolerance for anyone who mistreats them or any other animals but he can’t always give such folks the “what for” they deserve. The only thing he lacks is a human partner to share the work and the fun, and he knows his lifestyle is not likely to attract one.
Jase Keller is drawn back to New Mexico where his forgotten roots have remained. His high finance job is about to destroy him and he desperately needs a big change of pace for this vacation. The only problem is, Orr Loveless doesn’t seem to want to take him on a wilderness trip and is determined to send him packing.
It’s the opposite of the farm boy seeing the city for the first time. Jase sees another life and it’s the one he wants. The only trick is to convince Orr that Jase can be the partner he needs. But how can he persuade a stubborn mule man?

Just prior to that, Midnight Cowboys was released in October, part of a collection about the "sexy" sixties.I lived through that era but it is surprising how much you forget. Going back was an adventure as I lived it with my two heroes in this one. I was much more like Jerry, the conservative small town college student, but college can be a very educational experience! Even if you were not even a twinkle in your dad's eye in 1969, this will provide a fun look at this significant era in our past.  Sex, drugs and rock n' roll were a happening thing.

Blurb: Two young men from different backgrounds end up roommates at a state college in west Texas during the latter part of the turbulent ’60s. In the course of their developing relationship, both get an education while treading near the edge of risk and ruin in a time when “anything goes.”
Riki is the black sheep of a wealthy family with one final chance to avoid the draft or disinheritance. His dream is to become a hot guitarist with a rock band, but his weakness for recreational drugs might become a stumbling block. Jerry is a true son of Bible Belt America, happy to be in college and perhaps rise above the lower middle class level of his family. He has to grow rapidly through his shock and meld into the times that had not yet found his small-town roots.
When the two men form an unlikely friendship, will it develop into a deeper bond as they experience drugs, sex, and rock ’n’ roll? And will that bond bring them to the brink of disaster, or lead them down the path to maturity and knowledge?

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