Sunday, January 3, 2016

All Good Things Must Eventually End

I have to share some saddening news which is going to have a major impact on my writing and publishing for some time. I regret to report that Amber Quill is closing their doors. Production of new releases has stopped as of January 1, 2016 and the web site will come down as of March 31. If you want to get any of my backlist titles or those of other AQP writers, you will need to act quickly before they are removed from the firm's site and all other sales venues.

There is a small irony in fact the day of the final closure will be exactly twelve years from the day I got the first email, equivalent of the author's infamous "the call", to let me know I was going to be an AQ author with my contest winning story, Karola's Hunt. Since then Deirdre O'Dare has had sixty three stories and novellas, and eleven printed anthologies or collections published and as Gwynn Morgan, four re-released novels.  It's been a wonderful experience in every way.

The pressure applied to all the small and independent publishers by the giant Amazon who can afford to do loss-leader prices and 'free' releases and many other tricks that a small firm cannot afford or compete with  brought this to pass. I am deeply saddened and shocked. Thus, the two stories I have talked about recently will not be released, at least for some time.

I am going to try to find another firm that will bring them out sometime this year and also homes for some of my backlist titles as well. I know, though, that it is getting harder to find small press firms these days and competition for slots is very keen. Over a hundred authors with multiple titles are being orphaned by Amber Quill's closure so that is a tidal wave of material seeking new venues.

I will do my best to keep you all posted as things unfold and hope my readers will stand by for a short while until I can find a new home for Deirdre O'Dare's work. Im ay offer a short freebie here now and then if I can manage to do so.

Go in peace and harmony, all!

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