Friday, January 29, 2016

Everyone Bored Yet?

I hope not. There are still quite a few titles to cover. Well, I do have sixty days to do it but I also have a few other things planned to do before the last day they will all be available at Amber Quill and various other venue, March 30. Don't forget, you can find them at

Tonight we're going to enjoy Dude Ranch Nights. This is a nostalgia period tale set in the early 1950s. It is definitely inspired by a real person although I changed him a lot in creating Cameron Greenway. However, this gentleman was a guest ranch operator and big game hunter on whom I had a huge crush for a number of years--even though he was old enough to be my grandfather! He still cut a dashing figure and I am sure a lot of ladies had swooned over him in the day. I'm not sure where Carole came from but she seemed to be the perfect match and foil to stir a lot of conflict and sexual tension that would explode into some sizzling scenes. It's a  longer novella so you get a bit more bang for your buck, too. I may even go back and expand it into a full length novel in the future. I think there is plenty left untold still. Here is the blurb and the cover, which is another I liked a lot.

By the way it is a strong heat level 3 with some X-rated scenes featuring more than just the starring couple!

Blurb: When New York socialite Carole “C.J.” VanDemont loses the uncle with whom she went adventuring, life looks bleak and dull. Then a magazine ad entices her to Arizona to visit La Riata Guest Ranch and experience wilderness adventures with guide and rancher Cameron Greenway.
In Cameron, C.J. finds everything she imagined and more. The handsome and intrepid cowboy puts a whole new twist on adventure for her until she becomes helplessly addicted to his brand of excitement.
After enjoying the wildest time of her life, the sexual thrills beyond comparison, C.J. loathes the idea of returning to the staid and narrow world awaiting her back in New York City. Can she even contemplate leaving Arizona after meeting this wonderfully exciting rancher?

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