Thursday, January 28, 2016

More of Deridre's Back List

Cowgirl Up is not one of the Rodeo Girls series although it certainly is a rodeo story. The title came from a bumper sticker I saw and the idea from reading about a woman who was going into the PBR (Profession Bull Riders) Association and competing with the cowboys. Tabitha came out of that secret place where characters lurk waiting to jump out at an unsuspecting writer and demand, "Write my story." It wasn't long before I also met her brother Gid and his buddy, Wes. From there on the story took off like a roping horse leaving the box and I was just going along for the ride. I thought it turned out pretty well so it must be based on some reality somewhere.

Here is the blurb and the cover:
Tough tomboy Tabitha Conrad rides bulls and bareback broncs like a champ. In only her second rodeo season, she’s headed for the finals. An over-protective older brother and his buddy, however, sometimes take care of her a little too well, and she’s having trouble living up to the bold, bawdy reputation most cowgirls enjoy.
Wes Duncan lost his father and an older brother to bulls in the arena. Now he’s working as a rodeo clown, determined to save as many downed riders as he can. He finds feisty little Tab immensely attractive, but as his best friend’s kid sister, she’s off limits. As much as Wes admires her spunk and determination, every time she comes out on a bull, he almost has a heart attack.
What can Wes do to keep Tab safe? And if he gives in to his heart and his lust, who will keep her safe from him? Before they know it, Tab and Wes are caught up in a whirlwind of passion and misunderstandings. It takes a very close call to bring them to their senses and get Tab up for the ride of her life...

To move to the gay romance side, I'll jump ahead about a year and feature The Chap in Chaps. I suppose most folks know the difference but a 'chap' is a man, and the usage is mostly English. Chaps,(sounds like shaps) are the protective leg covers, generally of leather, that cowboys wear to turn the brush and keep their legs from getting torn up. This was a fun story to write and I set it just before Arizona's statehood, which took place in 1912. Out in the wild west things were still pretty primitive and old fashioned! My 'chap' inherits a ranch and comes to the US to claim his heritage. What he knows about ranching would make a very short book but fortunately he also inherits a very savvy foreman who is also one of the most thrilling people he has ever met! What follows are some amazing adventures of both the outdoor and the amorous kind!

Blurb and cover:
In 1910, Charles Smythe inherits a ranch from his late uncle. With some misgivings about leaving his life in England, he finally arrives in Arizona Territory only to meet one of his employees, an experienced hired hand named Sombra. In Sombra, Charles finds not only the perfect man to teach him all he needs to know about ranching, but also the masterful lover he has always craved. Can he build a real relationship this time, especially with a man so different?
As a youth, Sombra fled his New England home in disgrace when his first homosexual affair become public knowledge. Upon arriving in Arizona, he found employment with Dabney Darwin, Charles’s uncle, and the kindly English expatriate fashioned him into the son he never had. But when Dab’s nephew arrives to assume ownership of the property, Sombra is not sure how to take young Charles. Yet he soon discovers that "taking Charles" is exactly what they both need...and desperately desire...

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