Monday, January 18, 2016

More Deirdre O'Dare Fiction

Treading Dangerous Ground was my first gay romance and my eighth release from Amber Quill. I mentioned it briefly in my discussion of Return to Atsileigh a few days ago. Now you get 'the rest of the story'. When I wrote this tale, I was still finding my way into writing heterosexual erotica. A group of AQ authors were talking in our yahoo group about the new trend in m/m romances and the possibility of doing some. I was initially of the opinion that I could not write one. Then a few days later, I began the day with an idea so urgent I wrote the first scene while I ate breakfast, using a small pocket sized tablet I used for my shopping lists!
From that first scene, which became  the real start of Treading Dangerous Ground, the story took shape. Using the same world but different characters although some with connections to the first two men, I later wrote Fire on Ice, and eventually Return to Atsileigh. I'm pretty sure there is yet one more story to tell which will wrap it all up! We'll see. And while I'm here, I will also feature Fire on Ice, my nineteenth AQ release and another Unifleet tale.

Here is the blurb and cover for Treading Dangerous Ground. You can find it at

Seasoned Unifleet officer Jayce Hightower takes care of his troops. That includes supporting green soldier Balt Donovan through his first exposure to combat. What Jayce has not expected, however, is that the striking young man will soon come to dominate his dreams, stirring unfamiliar and disturbing desires.
Once Jayce learns Balt is similarly attracted to him, the situation starts to careen out of control, putting both of their careers in jeopardy. Jayce almost welcomes the hazardous assignment that sends him alone to a distant, dangerous world.
But when Jayce's mission is betrayed, Balt comes to his rescue. Will Jayce finally be able to accept the unconditional love Balt offers him?

And here's the blurb and cover of Fire on Ice. It is at
Bard Welstaad is a model Uni-Fleet officer. He’s not sure what his unit is to accomplish, marching up an icy peninsula in the frozen hell of Gelada, but without his NCO, Gordon Farrell, he knows he can not keep the unit together fighting off Snow Wasps and the savage deadly cold. Not until tragedy strikes does Bard acknowledge the big sergeant means much more to him than simply being his right-hand man.
Gordon Farrell idolizes his captain as representing everything he reveres. His hero-worship of Bard has already turned into hidden passion, but until now, he has fought the impulse to act upon his feelings. The threat of imminent death as he fights to save Bard’s life, however, finally forces him to admit the strength of his desires.
With death stalking at their heels, the men can only hope to live long enough to share more than a single incredible night. Yet fate seems to conspire against them at every turn. Still, they cling to the frail hope that somehow their love will find a way to survive...

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