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Dude Ranch Nights--New Deirdre O'Dare Work

I'm delighted that JMS has decided to release a few hetero erotic romance tales and that my Novella Dude Ranch Nights is one of them. In fact as of today, it is available. Here is a  link.

And I will follow that with a blurb, an excerpt and the cover.

Blurb: When New York socialite Carole “C.J.” VanDemont loses the uncle with whom she went adventuring life looks bleak and dull. Then an ad sends her to Arizona to visit La Riata guest ranch and experience wilderness adventures with guide and rancher Cameron Greenway. In Cam she finds everything she imagined and more. He puts a whole new twist on adventure for her until she becomes helplessly addicted to his brand of excitement. Must and can she return to the staid life awaiting her?

Excerpt: (The opening two scenes) 

Demont-Delft Estate,
Newburgh, New York

April 7, 1953
Carole Janine VanDemont, C.J. to her friends, crossed the exquisite Aubusson carpet with quick, choppy strides. She paused before one tall window to stare out over the rolling grounds of the family estate, which extended to the distant river, a branch of the Hudson. Tinted a soft green by the fresh spring foliage, with a hint of scattered pastels, the scene reflected pastoral peace. Instead of providing inspiration or comfort, the familiar view seemed bland and dull.
"What does one do when, at twenty-six, there are absolutely no new worlds to conquer?"
Although her question was rhetorical, her brother Michael answered it anyway. "Why, one either seeks to discover new worlds or rests on one's laurels, I expect, sis. Life isn't that boring, is it?" His lifted eyebrow echoed the mocking tone of his words.
She shrugged, an irritable twitch of her right shoulder. "Oh, I don't know. I'm just out of sorts, I suppose. It was most inconsiderate of Uncle Rene to kill himself just when we were planning the trip to India. I was counting on riding elephants, perhaps shooting a tiger this year. Daddy would never think of such a trek, and he'd have apoplexy if I went alone. What shall I do instead?"
"You sound as if Uncle Rene crashed his plane on purpose or out of spite. I thought you were fond of the fellow."
"I was. His death left me devastated. Now don't misunderstand, but had we not been related, I could've happily married the man. He's the only person who's ever challenged me."
"But he happened to be Mom's black-sheep, younger half-brother, so that was out of the question. Too bad." Michael, home from Harvard on spring break, flopped into a chair. He picked up a magazine and began to leaf through the pages. He stopped, mid-flip, perusing one page more intently. "How about an Arizona dude ranch vacation? Here's an advertisement. Sounds fascinating to me."
He tossed the magazine to C.J. as she stalked by, pacing the confining limits of the elegant but comfortable den. She caught it with a supple twist of her wrist, scarlet nails flashing in the light of the lamp by which he'd been reading. "Surely you jest. Riding old nags along bridle paths in the desert instead of Central Park, and eating beans around the camp fire? I might as well go on that cruise with Grandmère."
Still she scanned the ad, stopping her restless motion as she read...
Adventure of a lifetime!
Hunt savage, illusive wild animals in the rugged southwest. 
Camp in sites made famous by Zane Grey and John Ford in books and films.
Relax and enjoy the modern comforts of La Riata Ranch 
or rough it he-man fashion in the wilderness.
The choice is yours.
Contact Cameron Greenway, YA7-5635 or P.O. Box 1727, Verdell, Arizona.

There were also photographs. One showed a rustic, two-story lodge-style building constructed of rounded stones bonded with cement. The big house was surrounded by smaller cabins of comparable construction and a grove of towering, wide-leafed trees. Another showed several saddled horses hitched to the rails of a massive log corral. The one that caught C.J.'s eye featured a man, uncommonly tall, unless the horse at his side was pony-sized. He wore cuffed jeans with cowboy boots, a wide-brimmed hat, and a shirt with elaborate embroidered yokes. He seemed to be looking straight at the camera--or the reader--his piercing pale eyes casting a hypnotic spell. Though unsmiling, his craggy, handsome face stole her breath.
C.J. sucked in a quick gulp of air. Oh my, now that's quite a man. He looks like he belongs in a movie with John Wayne or perhaps Gary Cooper--a real cowboy. Can he be Mr. Greenway or a mere employee? All at once she was determined to find out. If it took a trip to Arizona, at least that would beat sitting here at home dying of ennui. Striding to the shiny walnut desk in one corner of the room, she picked up the telephone to place a long distance call.
Three days later, she boarded the train to head west, not sure what she would find there, but feeling a tickle of excitement for the first time in weeks. With a small sigh, she settled back in her Pullman compartment to pass the leisurely trip.
* * * *
Cameron Greenway paced the bricked platform between the Santa Fe Depot and the nearest track. His boot heels beat a sharp rhythm on the hard surface with his restless strides. Due in soon, the Super Chief was already a few minutes late. He glanced at his watch, frowning. At this rate it would be dark by the time they got back to the ranch.
He'd driven to town to pick up a client, one C.J. VanDemont. Mr. VanDemont had a strange voice, low and husky, but something about it had bothered him. Well, people often sounded peculiar on the telephone. The connection had not been the best. Anyway, the man indicated he wanted the full package--a ten-day adventure with camping, hunting and some side trips for scenic photography. That Cam could do. He had no false modesty about the quality and level of adventures he provided. He'd perfected just the right mixture of luxury and rustic atmosphere to please almost any well-heeled guest. He tailored the degree of roughing it to each client's abilities and desires once he met them in person.
Although he affected the image of a rough, unschooled cowboy, Cam was a graduate of Yale and the scion of an upper crust family. Even if his parent's current wealth came from mines and ranches in Wyoming and New Mexico, both of them had roots in the bluest blood of the eastern seaboard. The family's black sheep, he had gone his own way to build his life in its unique mold. The role of guide, outfitter and dude-rancher suited him to a "T." He played the rugged outdoorsman to the hilt and actually lived that life as much as was possible in the modern era.
The sharp blast of the diesel's horn alerted him to the train's imminent arrival. He stepped back from the track as the sleek silver, red and yellow locomotives swept past him, slowing to a stop with a shriek of steel on steel. Several passengers alighted, but none Cam could identify as C.J. VanDemont. Damn, did I make this trip in vain? I'm sure the man said he'd arrive today.
At that moment, a modishly dressed young lady approached him. Tall for a woman, she carried herself with arrogant grace. Honey-blonde hair fell in shoulder-length waves to brush the bottle green yoke of her masculine-cut suit jacket. A matching pencil slim skirt outlined pleasing curves of hip and derrière. Black high-heeled pumps accentuated her trim ankles and well-turned calves beneath the skirt's hem. Full, scarlet-painted lips curved into a smile as she tilted her head, studying him.
"You look just like your picture," she said. "Would you happen to be Mr. Cameron Greenway?"
As he nodded, he registered several facts at once. First, it was the same voice, low pitched but definitely not masculine. Second, this lady was one gorgeous female, and last, he was knee deep in trouble if she really was C. J. VanDemont. Why in the world would a woman like this want to rough it Arizona style? She had socialite written all over her.
"Yes, I am. And you're C. J. VanDemont? I wasn't expecting a lady."
She laughed, the sound carrying so much raw sexual energy his whole body tightened. Gods help me, this woman is short-fused dynamite!
"I know." She lowered her lids demurely, shielding vivid green eyes for a moment, then offered a pretty smile, but quite artificial. "I was almost sure you didn't realize I was female, but that's okay. Yes, I really do want to rough it. I've been on safaris in Africa, a trip to Alaska, across the Gobi, and several similar treks. This year was supposed to be India and the Himalayas, but my uncle, Rene-Paul Dubois, got himself killed in a plane crash, which put an end to that. He was the adventurous relative with whom I've enjoyed many travels. In his absence, I anticipated a frightful and boring spring, but then your ad caught my eye. Here I am."
For a long moment Cam studied her, while his mind whirled in a frantic spin, trying to come to terms with the notion of being alone in the woods with this amazing vision. Could she be as bold and daring as she presented herself to be? What kind of adventures did she expect to enjoy?
Well, I aim to please. Entertaining this woman well might be worth much more than the normal fees I charge for my services. I see some distinct possibilities here.
He'd taken a few couples out for hunts and camping, but more often, if a couple booked a holiday, the lady stayed at the ranch while her husband went on the hunt or camping and photographic expedition. He'd installed a swimming pool, located a few gentle nags anyone could ride and hired help who knew how to keep "dudes" entertained. But a lady on her own who wanted the full experience--this was going to be a first.
"Well, Miss VanDemont, we need to get your luggage and start for the ranch. It'll be dark before we get there anyway."
With an elegant wave, she indicated a couple of bags sitting on the platform not far from where they stood. "That's it. I know enough to travel light. If I were going on a cruise, it would be different, but I find them incredibly tedious. Shuffle-board and dining at the captain's table? Please, I'm not a fifty-year-old fossil! And by the way, please call me C.J. I hate to answer to 'miss.'"
Cam collected the two bags and tossed them into the truck. Then he handed C.J. into the passenger seat, circled the cab to slide behind the wheel and headed his new Ford pickup down the highway. He had the distinct feeling he could be in for the adventure of a lifetime himself. This lady was a looker, for sure. She could stand in for Veronica Lake or Lana Turner any day and nobody would miss them. She radiated sex appeal along with the scent of Arpege that wafted with her every move.

By God, I'll show her adventure if that's what she wants. And if she has other kinds of sport in mind, I can handle that as well.

Dude Ranch Nights--story behind the story

As most of you know, JMS has been strictly an LGBT publisher from its inception. However, they are now expanding a bit to offer some 'regular' fiction to include some M/F erotic romances. I'm thrilled to be able to announce my novella, Dude Ranch Nights, which has been out of print for some time, is one of this beginning batch of tales. It was released today!

I do want to remind my readers that the story is set in the early 1950s and I tried to be completely true and authentic to that time frame as I wrote it. Therefor some things that are not politically correct now are going to happen, even some things a few readers may find upsetting or offensive. I do no intentionally offend or upset anyone but since I majored in History when I was in school, I have some strong feelings about remaining authentic and never rewriting what was real to mollify anyone's 2017 sensibilities. You cannot change what was and pretending will not make it go away or cease to have occurred!! That being said, let's go into a bit of background for this story.

At the period, when I was only a very small child, "Dude Ranches" were a big fad. Some were very tame and genteel but others catered to more adventurous and thrill-seeking clientele. My dad was good friends with a man who ran just such a place. Dad went along on a number of dangerous and exciting hunts and expeditions. His tales of them piqued my interest--little pitchers with big ears!--and as I approached my teens, I developed a large crush of Mr Greenough, who was the guide and proprietor. He had the reputation for being quite a ladies man in his younger years and even up into his sixties, he seemed to be a very glamorous and exciting sort of chap! So from my early efforts at fiction, I was sure I would eventually write some stories inspired by that mystique.

There is a family saga 'big novel' which has sat in fragments in the back of a file drawer for many years and may or may not ever see the light of day. However, Dude Ranch Nights has been completed, published and is now going to be reissued. Now I hasten to explain that Cameron Greenway is not intended to 'be' or even closely correspond to the real Mr T. Leo Greenough, but I do credit the latter for inspiration here. Still I state without hesitation that any real resemblance is coincidental and not truly intended; the worthy gentleman has been deceased for close to sixty years  and may he rest in peace.

Carole is strictly the figment of my imagination, perhaps a vague construct from some of my youthful daydreams and flights of fancy concerning how life might be had I been 'to the manor born.' To some degree we are sisters of spirit for I was always interested in adventure and challenges and pursued as many of them as I could. Had I enjoyed an adventurer uncle, I surely would have gone with him every chance I had!

The photo at right was taken by my dad and it or a similar one graced the cover of an outdoor adventure magazine back in the late 1950s. It was at Mr. Greenough's Spring Creek Ranch in the Verde Valley in central Arizona and features him with one of his mules and two of the hunting hounds. This is NOT Cam Greenway but with a bit of imagination you can perhaps visualize the hero of Dude Ranch Nights!

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News!! JMS and Kindle Unlimited

With courtesy to JMS Books, a bunch of my older former AQ LGBT stories are going to be coming out on Kindle Unlimited and later released by JMS on their normal venues. This is very exciting to me, both to know some of my older and long-orphaned faves are going to be available again and about the chance to gain many new readers. Of course they are free to read for a time for Amazon Prime members and discounted to buy so it's a great opportunity! Here's the link to my page and they are right at the top of my list!

The first four to be released are Always on My Mind, Muscle Car Man, Special Delivery and Guilty by Innocence.  Four more will be appearing there soon and others through this fall and winter. These are mainly older tales that have been out of print since Amber Quill closed and date back on the original release far enough that a whole crop of new readers has come on scene! Here are the four covers and a short blurb on each one.

 Special DeliveryMonte’s sporting goods store is teetering on the edge of collapse due to the economic problems. The small conservative eastern California town he chose for his dream project is not welcoming, even though he keeps his gay lifestyle quiet. Then big trouble and a gorgeous package delivery driver fall into his world at the same time. Are they somehow connected?

Always on My Mind:  Garth Talent could never forget Peter Nightrider, his best bud from high school, or the one drunken night they shared exploring each other's bodies. He's spent fifteen years with that memory and has never found anyone to erase it. Now Garth is a high-priced attorney and Peter is a celebrity, heading an exciting Native-Pop music group. But Peter is in serious trouble and Garth is the only one who can help him. 

Guilty By Innocence: Jax is a cop by choice and to honor his father who was killed in the line of duty. His allegiance to his fellow officers and his code of ethics are the ruling factors of his life. At a hideous crime scene, when he finds an unconscious young man holding a bloody machete, Jax confronts a quandary. He can hardly believe this beautiful youth could have committed this atrocity, but if not, who did?

 Muscle Car Man: Jeff Castle has changed lanes from the high-tech world to that of the classic muscle cars and their fans when he inherits his uncle's glorified junkyard. His new life is complicated when help is hard to find. An impulse leads him to pick up a hiker on a remote road, and the man turns out to be just the kind of muscle Jeff needs in every way. 

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Canine Cupids redux

Cops and Canine Cupids came out several weeks ago.. You can find it at

I really like the cover. Loose Id artist Valerie Tibbs has come up with a great design that lends itself to featuring new guys and dogs as each collection in this series comes along.  Book two, of course, features a law enforcement officer as a lead character in each tale. That fact is hinted by the cover and again the three feature dogs are up there front and center.. There is officer Craig Rommel's Belgian Malinois Samson on the left (the Sam who does the saving in Saved By Sam), detective Boz's Mini-Schnauzer Snick (the Schnickelfritz who falls in love!) in the center and Trek's Pit Bull Commando on the right, the one who got dogjacked!

Dogjacked is the new story in this set, sharing the spotlight with reprints Saved By Sam and Schnickelfritz in Love.

Here are the blurbs from the three tales:

Dogjacked: Travel writer Trek ends up stranded in a small New Mexico town after a would be thief tries to steal his restored 1959 Plymouth Fury, with his Pit Bull traveling companion in the car. Commando makes it a short trip but then Trek must either leave his dog or stay while it is in quarantine since the dog literally nabbed the thief. Local cop Dan comes to his rescue. He shows Trek the local sights--and a few more things, as well.

Saved By Sam: A closing time robber confronts bartender Roy and almost gets the best of it until cop Craig and his dog take charge. When the dog and the officer are both wounded, Roy uses his military medic skills to stabilize them until the EMTs arrive. As they recover, one thing leads to another and the two men become unlikely friends and ultimately more.

Snickelfritz in Love: Electrician Jake and detective Boz have an  unusual meeting at the dog park when Boz's Snick takes a strong liking to Jake's retired greyhound Athena. After this awkward start the two end up working together when thieves rip expensive electronic parts off at a construction site where Boz is the lead in installing specialized equipment. While the men solve the crime, Snick and Athena plot to keep them together.

They are all fun stories and ones I had a great time writing. I do not consider myself a humor writer but situations in all three tales lend themselves to some humorous passages, giggle worthy if not laugh out loud. Of course there is some danger and adventure as well as some hot scenes mixed in with the other action. Novella length, each tale is a nice break time read, while traveling to or from work or to get in the mood at bedtime. Hope you will give this collection a try; if you have read Canine Cupids I, you already know what these stories are like and recognize that IMHO dogs and hunky guys just go together like PB & J!

Stick with me and we'll talk about Kindle Unlimited in the next post!

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Back and Raring to Go!!

It became a much longer sabbatical than I had intended when I made the last post. New things have come out and I have a variety of other news and updates as well. So I will do my best to get all caught up in the next few days here.

Like many writers and other artistic folks, I do have periodic bouts of depression when it is a struggle just to do what one must to stay alive and semi-functional. The past couple of months were one of those times. The well of words and thoughts ran totally dry and I knew I had to let it recharge for awhile. The level is rising now and soon will be ready to pour forth some new creations. That's good! I also had my summer struggle when the allergies and my ongoing dry eye issues carried on a fight in my poor abused eyeballs, making it hard to be on the computer very much. I used the time to do some sewing--two new full-bed sized quilts-- and new earrings and other jewelry which I have resumed peddling at the local Farmer's and Crafter's Market every Saturday morning. Even at my worst, I do need creative outlets and those serve well when the writing goes into a hiatus.

Okay, 'nuff of that. Let me gather my wits and get the chronology straight and I'll bring you up to date. New covers, new releases, and a new ongoing program where many of my older LGBT tales are becoming available on Kindle Unlimited. Also some of Gwynn Morgan's long OOP (out of print) romances will be coming at Smashwords before the end of the year. Stay with me!

Luck n' Love, Deir'

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Last Train to Clarkdale

This story released last Saturday and is available this week on JMS's site at the discount all new releases enjoy for a week. You might want to grab it while you can. Here is the blurb and the evocative cover.  Here is the link:,vpYRoGJ52oiz1

The actual Verde Canyon Railroad has a different look but they copyright all their photos and the ones I got on a trip a few years back would not work, Still I made good use of my memories of that trip in drafting this story. And I recommend the trip to anyone who might be passing through central Arizona's scenic Verde Valley and wanting to see some sights inaccessible by highway to marvel at the scenery, the wildlife and the engineering that went into building this precarious track close to a century ago!

For Clay, always a misfit and bullied at school, contact with the railroad and railroaders in the small
town where he grew up was a lifeline. He has gone on to a career in the industry although not out on the track. Some odd compulsion draws him back to his long departed home despite the painful memories he has of the place. A chance meeting with noted photo-journalist Jon and subsequent sharing of an afternoon’s tourist rail trip result from his impulse. 

Although Clay develops an instant crush on the big bluff man, what can a geeky clerical type rail buff offer to a famous world traveling scenic and wildlife photographer like Jon? When Jon offers a short term holiday romance, Clay cannot resist but can he be satisfied with a brief, hot vacation fling, all he dares to expect? Will the train back to Clarkdale be a finale for him or the start of a great new adventure?

Deirdre readers are in luck!

As it turned out, not only are Game of Hearts and Last Train to Clarkdale already out but next weekend there will be third one from JMS books! Either Thank You, Ranch Romances or Red Tails in the Sunset will be out with the other following along soon,.Both are stories I really liked, special to me in different ways.

Ranch Romances is one of my real favorite tales. If you might wonder now and then what life was like in the no-longer-wild but still developing and far from modern west in the post WWII era, here is a glimpse into that time. Nobody had heard of politically correct at that point and gay rights were a very distant dream. That meant life could be pretty had for a gentle young man who'd been put out of the army with a bad conduct discharge for the mere rumor of having possibly indulged in homosexual activity.

There really was a magazine called Ranch Romances and I read it avidly some years later than the time when this tale takes place. It did have pen pal columns, too, and before anyone had come up with eHarmony or Match.Com that as an acceptable method of finding friends and potential romance. I kept the Post Office busy corresponding with several lonely cowboys and servicemen while they did their share, too. This story was my small tribute to the service that and similar pulp magazines provided when telephone connections were a bit iffy and the main entertainment in rural areas was the radio and events at the schools and churches.

Here is the blurb for this story and the cover, which I loved since it really reflects the style of art used in the 1930-1970 period by this and similar publications! I got permission from the  artist (Trace Zebar) to use it on the re-release.

Widowed Wade is desperate to find someone to help him care for his two motherless children while he runs his hardscrabble ranch. After seeing a “match” column in a pulp magazine, he sends off a letter, unsure what he will get. When it turns up quiet, gentle Darnell, he is both shocked and intrigued. Can this unorthodox arrangement possibly work?

Darnell is at the end of his rope when he finds an ad in a magazine that appears as if put there for him. He takes a desperate chance and ends up on a remote ranch in New Mexico. He finds the motherless children very loveable and their father scarily attractive. But how, in the stiff and conservative environment of 1949, can he dare reach for intimacy with his new hero? Will he end up back in dire straits or settled in the home he deeply craves?

Red Tails celebrates the heroic pilots who carry water and slurry into the rugged terrain of the west where again this year wicked wild fires are raging in the forest and open lands, often threatening small towns and rural farms and ranches. Hot, dry conditions create a virtual tinderbox, ready to explode with the catalyst of lightning, untended campfires or even a carelessly tossed cigarette butt. Then these daring pilots lift off into danger to help battle the blazes. What heroes!

Former military pilot Blaine Darby carries a load of guilt and pain from harm he may have caused in wartime. Now he seeks to earn some balancing good karma by fighting wild land fires while he holds
on to his great love of flying. Reporters like young Daz Contreras scare him, one of the few things that do, because he shuns the public eye. When a near tragedy develops he puts his life on the line to save a trapped hotshot firefighting crew. Will all this make the news?

Freelance investigative journalist Daz Contreras is convinced terrorists are behind at least some of the wild land fires plaguing New Mexico. All he needs is enough proof to break a story. As he pursues this he begins to follow pilot Blaine Darby and develops a big case of hero worship. Allowed to ride with his hero one time, he may have gotten the proof he seeks. But a heroic rescue may be an even bigger story. Will the reclusive Darby allow him to do it? 

This is another of Trace Zabar's fantastic covers which he graciously permited me to reuse. I love those eyes!! Yes, I know Blaine is gay and would not be drawn to me but I would gladly chase such a man around the block and do my best to catch him! However, I think he is going to find a good match with Daz once he gets over his prejudices about jounalists. Read the book to find out.

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June Will Be Busy!

When it rains, it pours, huh? And June is often the driest month of the year in the desert southwest. No drought for those who like Deirdre O'Dare and maybe need a Canine Cupids fix or missed some older stories when they were available from Amber Quill.

First off, one of my extra favorite older tales will be out again June 3 from JMS Books. A Game of Hearts is one of my 'different' stories, much more emotion and character driven than many and there is not one dog! Instead I explore the intriguing possibility: how might an organ transplant impact the life, emotions and connections of the recipient? Tim has the heart of another man beating in his chest. He and DeVore are instantly drawn to each other. DeVore lost his life's love Steven ten years ago. It's a long shot but could Steven's heart be the one now within Tim and still reaching to connect with DeVore? It is a wrenching game of hearts as these two men sort out their relationship. Also I intend to pass all my profits from its sales to the National Donor Network if I can find where to send them since I have not seen any solicitations like many organizations spread all over.

Here is the cover and the general link to JMS Books. It will always be on my page as soon as it becomes available!

Then another train related tale , also from JMS, will be out the last weekend of the month, Last Train to Clarkdale. When a geeky railroad fan and a noted nature photographer accidentally cross paths, the best Clay dares hope for is a brief, hot holiday affair with big, bearish Jon. Still, who knows what could happen after the last train to Clarkdale gets back to the station? Cover and details coming soon!

And last but not least, my second Canine Cupids package of three will be coming from Loose Id, release date to be announced soon and cover reveal coming also. This one is titled Cops and Canine Cupids and includes previously released stories Saved By Sam, Schnickelfritz in Love and a brand new one, Dogjacked.  You will meet a heroic Belgian Malinois, a rascally mini-schnauzer and his greyhound paramour, and a Pit Bull named Commando who is chauffeured around in a perfectly restored 1959 Plymouth Fury! Lots of laughs, some tense adventures and of course many hot times for the men owned by these dogs and their canine-assisted matches. Stay tuned!

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Workin' on the Railroad--m/m, adult excerpt

Another of my favorite older stories is about to see a rebirth! JMS will be releasing "Workin' on the Railroad" in less than two weeks. You can find it here--and read another short excerpt too!

There is a lot of history behind this one. I've been a big railfan since I was a kid and my younger brother even more of one. In fact he worked for the Rio Grand Western, the merged Southern Pacific- Rio Grande and finally the Union Pacific when it absorbed the other combined lines. He spent a  lot of time out on the track in various positions and finally wound up a general chairman for the labor union to which these people belonged. So there is my 'tech expert' and I consulted him often to be sure the background in this story was spot on. To the best of my ability, it is.

Both of our grandfathers were railroad men, our Mom's in the clerical and administrative side and our Dad's in train crew. Then my first adult relationship was with a B&B foreman (bridge and building) which is the other main division of track maintenance. In short, railroading is in my blood and spirit!

I write quite a few blue collar heroes and have to assert I respect these people highly. They are the real backbone of America and in the current technology-driven environment often do not get the respect they deserve!The rest of the population would be in sad shape indeed if it were not for the men and women who maintain our vast infrastructure of rails, highways, and electric lines, keep the assembly lines going, do the oil drilling, hard rock mining, farming, ranching and much more. Their efforts make our lifestyle possible. So I salute them as the real heroes they are along with our military and first responders. That's the 'roots' of Workin' on the Railroad and many other of my tales.

Here is the blurb and an excerpt from this one. The cover--which I really like!--follows too.

Blurb: Roane Wellman only intends to work one summer on railroad maintenance to pay for his next semester of college after his party guy ways cause his grandfather to stop supporting his schooling. In a summer of hard work, adventure and danger, he matures and finds a new course for his life. Before the season ends, he knows he’s meant to be workin’ on the railroad as he fights to build a career and a partnership that just might last for the rest of his life.

Alden Prescott is a loner, content to operate his big crane and shrug off the added responsibilities of being a gang foreman. However, his current foreman is a drunkard and so close to worthless that Alden ends up doing a lot of the functions he has tried to avoid. Although he’s strongly drawn to the handsome new summer hire, memories of a past tragedy make him afraid to pursue the relationship. What will it take to convince him that Roane is not going to let him repeat past mistakes? And what will happen when the current foreman winds up busted for his illicit drug use?  Workin’ on the railroad packs a lot of danger, challenge and some very hot times—days at work and nights at play. 

Excerpt: (adult rated, m/m)
Roane’s face held only sympathy and anguish. “Holy shit, man. Oh my God. But you shouldn’t blame yourself. Shit happens. Accidents. The world isn’t always nice or fair.” He plowed to an awkward halt as if aware that platitudes only begged the question.
Then he reached across and laid his hand, cold from holding the beer, over Alden’s clenched fist. “I’m sorry. I wish I’d known. Maybe things would have gone down different that night.”
Alden didn’t feel easy with sympathy. He didn’t even think he wanted it. He only meant to take away what he sensed was Roane’s notion that the sudden chill was due to something he had done wrong. “It’s not your fault, none of this, just…well I don’t want to see history repeat itself. I don’t think I dare try to handle mixing work and pleasure that way. It’s too risky.”
Roane’s grip tightened on Alden’s hand. “Wait a minute. I’m not that guy, not just out for kicks or a wild ride or two. At least that sounds like what he was doing. I won’t flirt when its time for business. We’ve been working together for a month now and it’s been okay, hasn’t it? From what you said, you and this guy Jason, had  just hooked up  and you were new with the crane, too.”
Alden nodded, not sure where the other man was going with his arguments. “Yeah, that’s true. And yeah, Jason liked to flaunt his looks and sex appeal and he did it all the time. I was prob’ly scared he’d move on to someone else, maybe someone more cool and macho than I was so he kept me going.”
“Well, then, why should something bad happen again? This is different. Why not give me, give us a chance?”
 “Are you sure you want to take that risk?”
“If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be asking.”
Alden closed his eyes for a moment. He heard Roane stir; the gripping hand released. Then the next thing he knew he was bodily hauled out of the chair and into the demanding circle of Roane’s arms. Shock jolted through him. He’d always been the one to make the first move, even with Jason.
Jason had very blatant about showing his interest but it had still been Alden who reached the first time. A few minutes ago, Alden had admired Roane’s obvious strength.  Now he experienced it. He could no more stop this  than he could block a runaway train.
The other guys could return any time but that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was Roane’s hard hot body crushing against his and then Roane’s avid lips. The kiss tasted of beer and something with cheese and chili that Roane had probably eaten for lunch. The other man’s mouth sealed over his with so much heat and force and intensity Alden wondered if he might go up in a flash like an arc welding rod touching grounded iron.
Roane maneuvered him in a circle, almost like dancing. Then with a shove he sent Alden sprawling onto the sagging couch. Dropping to his knees on the still-wet floor, Roane went to work on Alden’s belt, almost ripped the buttons undoing his Levis, and stopped only for a split second when he apparently realized Alden wore no underwear.
Alden’s cock sprang free, bursting past the open fly of the jeans and into Roane’s waiting hands. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

North to Alaska! Love is Snowblind

This very special story is now available. I am just tickled pink and other hues.  Here is the link to JMS Books New Release page where it will be on sale for the first week.URL:  It is also in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Program.

On Tuesday I am heading north to Alaska myself to be a volunteer for the Iditarod Trail sled dog race, one of the main inspirations for my writing this story. Of course I am wild with excitement! I expect that I will be writing some more stories set in this unique environment in the future.

Here is the cover one more time. If I was an ordinary reader I think I would almost buy it for the cover alone--with the story thrown in extra LOL.

And here is one more little snippet of an excerpt:

It was the next day before Dylan could talk the doctors into releasing him. Then he faced the problem of how to get to his place—and how to manage once he got there. The doctor had not wanted to cast his leg yet, but Dylan insisted, promising to return at once if he experienced any unusual pain, redness, sign of infection or other issues.
He could walk, but it was damned hard, and his foot felt like it weighed a ton. A mukluk, at least his normal ones, would not fit over the cast, which created another problem. How would he keep his toes from freezing? He ended up calling a cab to take him home, glad for once that he lived no farther from the city than he did. Usually he cursed almost being in town and having neighbors crowding too close, but this time it was a blessing. Fairbanks cabs were mostly four-wheel drive SUVs; this one was no exception and easily handled the icy roads.
When they got to his cabin, he saw his dog truck parked between the cabin and the kennel building. He also heard dog voices, a greater volume of sound than could be made by just the eight he’d left in the care of a neighbor boy interested in learning the musher’s trade.
They must’ve all made it home. He couldn’t wait to see them.
The cabin door swung open and a slim figure in an unzipped parka loped out to meet him. Too tall to be Sammy, the neighbor kid. Who then? Dylan struggled to find his balance, sorry he had not opted to borrow a walker or at least a crutch or cane. Even with the ribbed metal heel plate, he found the cast wasn’t made for walking on snow and ice. Before he knew what was happening, the still-unidentified person had a shoulder tucked under his arm on the right side to help him along the path and into the cabin.
Once inside, Dylan shrugged free and skidded to a stop. Everything looked neat and clean, in a lot better shape than he’d left the place in the last-minute urgency to get to the starting area for the race. From beside the stove, two mottled gray piles of fur stirred and jumped up, coming eagerly to greet him. They almost knocked him down as he tried to pet both of them and still keep his balance.
“Damn dogs aren’t supposed to be in the house,” he muttered. “What’s the deal here?”
Only then did he really look at the man who had apparently moved in and made himself at home. Who had Portola found to watch things? Did this guy know what he was doing?
The truth was, Dylan often let Freya and Thor and sometimes one or two of the others come in and share his space, just for the company, but that was contrary to custom and not the way real mushers were supposed to manage their sled dogs. They were working animals, not damned mollycoddled lap dogs or pets! Ha, don’t try to tell most mushers that bunch of bullshit! Most of them had one or two house dogs, if not half the pack.
Turning his attention to his unexpected guest, he watched as the other man shed his parka. All at once he recognized the untidy shock of dark brown hair, the narrow face, and luminous dark eyes that watched him now with a bit of deer-in-the-headlights anxiety.
“I—I felt like I owed them some special treats. I mean, they got us to the checkpoint. They worked for me, even if I didn’t know shit about what to do. And they’re the alphas, so they deserve some special perks.”
Dylan grinned. He couldn’t help it. The guy was so earnest, so anxious, and he had obviously done the best he could, taking on a responsibility not really his.
“Did Sammy help feed and stuff? He knows the routine and was caring for the dogs I left behind.”
The other man nodded. “Oh, yeah, he’s in the kennel right now. He’s been here most of the time since we made it back yesterday—well, actually, the night before when we got here. He told me how you feed them and stuff, and we worked on it together.”
Dylan nodded. “Sammy’s a good kid. At first, he was a pest, hanging around and bugging me to teach him about this stuff, but he’s picked it up fast. He’s a natural.” He took a moment to study the other man. Up close, he saw more age in the face than he’d realized. No, this wasn’t a kid looking back at him, but an adult, a man. He wasn’t sure whether that came as a relief or a new source of concern. He could deal with kids to some extent, but…
“I’m sorry—I know you told me your name, but it just didn’t stick. I gotta have something to call you, and maybe a name to make the check out to for stepping in and taking care of things for me.”

“I’m Grey Trammel, and there damn well isn’t going to be a check. You saved my stupid ass and it cost you the race, not just this one, but now others you can’t make while your leg heals. I owe you a hell of a lot more than a couple of days here with the dogs. I owed them that, actually, not even considering what I owe you.”

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Let's talk Canine Cupids

Those of you who have followed Deirdre and her books for some time already know about this ongoing series, linked not by characters but by the common theme of a dog or dogs who take a paw to getting their beloved master(s) hooked up with the right guy.  While they were with Amber Quill, these stories were always my best sellers and continued to find new readers even after they had been available for several years.  Then that publisher closed its doors and they became orphan books and off the market.

It took awhile, but now Loose Id has started to bring them back with a new never-released story in each group of three. The first collection came out on Valentine's Day--I mean how perfect is that? Cupids on Love Day, even if they are canine? I featured the book at The Romance Studio's annual Valentines' Party along with my other February release, which also has some major doggie characters, Love is Snowblind.

The new story in this first collection is A New Leash on Life. Here is a blurb:

Justin Dunne returns to his small home town in southern New Mexico, victim of the recent recession and just short of broke. He learns of a business for sale and takes a wild chance to assume ownership of a pet grooming shop! In order to do this, though, he has to have a loan. And the local bank is now headed by Barry Barlowe.  An interrupted encounter with Barry, who'd been Justin's high school crush, sent Justin fleeing the scene years before. Now he has to meet and deal with the guy he has never been able to forget.

Barry Barlowe has his own problems--a position assumed after his father's death that he hates and a nagging mother to whom he is afraid to come out. Then in walks Justin Dunne. Barry is determined that Justin will not get away this time, but Barry finds he's very gun shy,stiff-necked proud, and still afraid what people in the conservative small town will think. How can Barry untangle this gordian knot of problems to win the love he always wanted?

The cover, by LI artist Valerie Tibbs, is perfect. That is Murphy in the middle, the dog Justin inherited from his new business's prior owner. The other two dogs are Mandy from Rescued by Love and Cedric from The Maltese Terror.  You can meet and enjoy all three by ordering this book here:

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Got it Covered!

We have a cover for Canine Cupids and it is just perfect. I am thrilled with it. It even features a pretty good facsimile of the "lead dog" in each of the three stories.  And in just a week, this collection will be up for sale on the Loose Id site and elsewhere, shortly after if not at once.  Here is the link:

Since Canine Cupids will be released first, I'll give you all an excerpt of each story in the next couple of days with emphasis on A New Leash on Life which is the brand new story, never published before. I am also delighted to have two of my favorite original Canine Cupids tales again available but a new one is always a high point too.  I'll also be showing off both these new releases at the Valentine's Party at TRS from February 10-14 and there will be a giveaway or two, I promise!

And here is the cover:

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Going to the Dogs!

I am totally delighted to let everyone know that February is going to the dogs! My new collection at Loose ID, which reissues two of my early Canine Cupids stories with a brand new one, will hit the streets on February 14. What a fabulous Valentine for me and I hope for the dog lovers among my readers. We are cutting it close so I do not have a cover yet, but any day. The three stories featured in this collection are The Maltese Terror, Rescued By Love and the brand new A New Leash on Life. If you enjoy action packed gay romance with some hot scenes, a bit of adventure and danger and one or more adorable canines who are determined to get their master(s) hooked up with the right guy, you are going to love this one. The minute a cover lands in my inbox, I will share it.  I am doubly excited since this is my first release from Loose Id and many of my old friends from Amber Quill and elsewhere are there already so I feel like it is old home week. Link to follow soon!

Then, a favorite of mine from the old Canine Cupid series which has undergone quite a bit of rewriting will be released by JMS Books February 25. The timing is perfect because February and March are the months for the two big sled dog races, which are the background and inspiration for Love is Snowblind. Link here:

Wounded warrior Dylan Norgard came to Alaska to try a new project where vets, most with PTSD, get involved with training and running sled dogs for a unique kind of therapy. He comes to love the sport and decides to break off and start his own kennel, begin competing and gradually reach the point where he can enter the world-famous Iditarod!

Meanwhile, Gray Trammel seeks to become a successful sports writer and decides covering the Iditarod from a new angle or two will be a huge step ahead for him. He sees Dylan on TV and develops a big crush on the rugged musher. When he meets his new hero, it seems he does everything wrong. Last but far from least, he manages to get stranded in a blizzard during a race. With no idea who the SOS has come from, Dylan leaves the race trail to go find the lost man. He discovers it is Gray and gets him on the sled to struggle back to the village in a fierce storm. On the return trip, he falls and breaks his leg. From there things just keep getting more complicated!

However, this is a romance and you can expect a happy ending. You can also absorb some of the incredible atmosphere of this extreme and challenging sport. I've become a very avid fan and have learned a lot in several trips to  Alaska to include an upcoming stint the first two weeks of March to be a volunteer for the big race! I can hardly wait. The other big race,The Yukon Quest, another 1000 mile competition, will begin Saturday  So the release date is right between them. If you are at all interested in this extreme sport, check out my other blog I love sled dog racing because women compete equally with men and many of them do very well!! Three ladies took the top three places in a recent 300 mile or mid-distance race--like the fictitious one in which Dylan is competing in the book! And a number are competing in the two big ones again this year.

There is a contest at Coffee Time Romance and More in which I will give away three downloads of this book and one with an adorable plush husky puppy, too cute to give to a baby to rumple and chew! The prize will be similar to these shown, depending on what is in stock at the Iditarod Headquarters store  Here is the link to the contest page at CTR!