Thursday, February 2, 2017

Going to the Dogs!

I am totally delighted to let everyone know that February is going to the dogs! My new collection at Loose ID, which reissues two of my early Canine Cupids stories with a brand new one, will hit the streets on February 14. What a fabulous Valentine for me and I hope for the dog lovers among my readers. We are cutting it close so I do not have a cover yet, but any day. The three stories featured in this collection are The Maltese Terror, Rescued By Love and the brand new A New Leash on Life. If you enjoy action packed gay romance with some hot scenes, a bit of adventure and danger and one or more adorable canines who are determined to get their master(s) hooked up with the right guy, you are going to love this one. The minute a cover lands in my inbox, I will share it.  I am doubly excited since this is my first release from Loose Id and many of my old friends from Amber Quill and elsewhere are there already so I feel like it is old home week. Link to follow soon!

Then, a favorite of mine from the old Canine Cupid series which has undergone quite a bit of rewriting will be released by JMS Books February 25. The timing is perfect because February and March are the months for the two big sled dog races, which are the background and inspiration for Love is Snowblind. Link here:

Wounded warrior Dylan Norgard came to Alaska to try a new project where vets, most with PTSD, get involved with training and running sled dogs for a unique kind of therapy. He comes to love the sport and decides to break off and start his own kennel, begin competing and gradually reach the point where he can enter the world-famous Iditarod!

Meanwhile, Gray Trammel seeks to become a successful sports writer and decides covering the Iditarod from a new angle or two will be a huge step ahead for him. He sees Dylan on TV and develops a big crush on the rugged musher. When he meets his new hero, it seems he does everything wrong. Last but far from least, he manages to get stranded in a blizzard during a race. With no idea who the SOS has come from, Dylan leaves the race trail to go find the lost man. He discovers it is Gray and gets him on the sled to struggle back to the village in a fierce storm. On the return trip, he falls and breaks his leg. From there things just keep getting more complicated!

However, this is a romance and you can expect a happy ending. You can also absorb some of the incredible atmosphere of this extreme and challenging sport. I've become a very avid fan and have learned a lot in several trips to  Alaska to include an upcoming stint the first two weeks of March to be a volunteer for the big race! I can hardly wait. The other big race,The Yukon Quest, another 1000 mile competition, will begin Saturday  So the release date is right between them. If you are at all interested in this extreme sport, check out my other blog I love sled dog racing because women compete equally with men and many of them do very well!! Three ladies took the top three places in a recent 300 mile or mid-distance race--like the fictitious one in which Dylan is competing in the book! And a number are competing in the two big ones again this year.

There is a contest at Coffee Time Romance and More in which I will give away three downloads of this book and one with an adorable plush husky puppy, too cute to give to a baby to rumple and chew! The prize will be similar to these shown, depending on what is in stock at the Iditarod Headquarters store  Here is the link to the contest page at CTR!

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