Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Old Favorites and New reviews

I was so lucky to get linked up with JMS books, a great outfit devoted to LGBT fiction where several of my favorite gay romances are now available again and a new one also found a good home. There will be more of both in the coming months.

Anyway, the first of my work they released was The Mule Man, last summer. It was followed the next month by a new spin-off, A Mule for a Princess. Both these stories received glowing reviews . I was just thrilled to pieces. Here is a snippet from each and a link to them.

This from Gay Guy Reads by Diane.


"If you like westerns in a contemporary setting, if you love city and country going head-to-head, if you love anything of the long-eared persuasion, you are going to adore this novella. The ending is realistic and definitely upbeat. I know my heart did a wee flip at the end.

I’m giving The Mule Man two enthusiastic thumbs up, five stars and a recommended read."

And for A Mule For a Princess, same source:

The narrative skips across time, never lingering long on any phase, and that is where I would find fault because—quite simply—the author’s enchanting style and knowledge about her subject matter begs for leisurely dallies with the mules and the men who tend to them with such love and devotion.

Yes, it is a fairytale, you must suspend disbelief about certain steps in getting from point A to B, but the outcome is never really in doubt and the ending, though on the vague side, is still sigh-worthy.

This is a solid Four Star read that begs for a follow-up. I simply must know what happens to Bobby and Doyle and the precocious young girl Fiona who gives them all purpose.

Another tale that is close to my heart which JMS released this past fall, is A Cop and A Con. It was reviewed by Kenna at Joyfully Jay.  http://joyfullyjay.com/2016/11/review-a-cop-and-a-con-by-deirdre-odare/
"The final quarter of the book was filled with suspense and action. I was completely caught up in the story, and once again, I wis A Cop and A Con could have been longer, simply to explore the bad guys a bit  more.
I highly recommend this novella if you have about an hour to spend and you're looking for something exciting and sexy. Also...the last few paragraphs were awesome. I won't give them away, though. Just read it!"
And here are the yummalicious covers of all three books! You can order any of the books here: http://www.jms-books.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=191

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