Sunday, February 19, 2017

Let's talk Canine Cupids

Those of you who have followed Deirdre and her books for some time already know about this ongoing series, linked not by characters but by the common theme of a dog or dogs who take a paw to getting their beloved master(s) hooked up with the right guy.  While they were with Amber Quill, these stories were always my best sellers and continued to find new readers even after they had been available for several years.  Then that publisher closed its doors and they became orphan books and off the market.

It took awhile, but now Loose Id has started to bring them back with a new never-released story in each group of three. The first collection came out on Valentine's Day--I mean how perfect is that? Cupids on Love Day, even if they are canine? I featured the book at The Romance Studio's annual Valentines' Party along with my other February release, which also has some major doggie characters, Love is Snowblind.

The new story in this first collection is A New Leash on Life. Here is a blurb:

Justin Dunne returns to his small home town in southern New Mexico, victim of the recent recession and just short of broke. He learns of a business for sale and takes a wild chance to assume ownership of a pet grooming shop! In order to do this, though, he has to have a loan. And the local bank is now headed by Barry Barlowe.  An interrupted encounter with Barry, who'd been Justin's high school crush, sent Justin fleeing the scene years before. Now he has to meet and deal with the guy he has never been able to forget.

Barry Barlowe has his own problems--a position assumed after his father's death that he hates and a nagging mother to whom he is afraid to come out. Then in walks Justin Dunne. Barry is determined that Justin will not get away this time, but Barry finds he's very gun shy,stiff-necked proud, and still afraid what people in the conservative small town will think. How can Barry untangle this gordian knot of problems to win the love he always wanted?

The cover, by LI artist Valerie Tibbs, is perfect. That is Murphy in the middle, the dog Justin inherited from his new business's prior owner. The other two dogs are Mandy from Rescued by Love and Cedric from The Maltese Terror.  You can meet and enjoy all three by ordering this book here:

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