Monday, May 15, 2017

June Will Be Busy!

When it rains, it pours, huh? And June is often the driest month of the year in the desert southwest. No drought for those who like Deirdre O'Dare and maybe need a Canine Cupids fix or missed some older stories when they were available from Amber Quill.

First off, one of my extra favorite older tales will be out again June 3 from JMS Books. A Game of Hearts is one of my 'different' stories, much more emotion and character driven than many and there is not one dog! Instead I explore the intriguing possibility: how might an organ transplant impact the life, emotions and connections of the recipient? Tim has the heart of another man beating in his chest. He and DeVore are instantly drawn to each other. DeVore lost his life's love Steven ten years ago. It's a long shot but could Steven's heart be the one now within Tim and still reaching to connect with DeVore? It is a wrenching game of hearts as these two men sort out their relationship. Also I intend to pass all my profits from its sales to the National Donor Network if I can find where to send them since I have not seen any solicitations like many organizations spread all over.

Here is the cover and the general link to JMS Books. It will always be on my page as soon as it becomes available!

Then another train related tale , also from JMS, will be out the last weekend of the month, Last Train to Clarkdale. When a geeky railroad fan and a noted nature photographer accidentally cross paths, the best Clay dares hope for is a brief, hot holiday affair with big, bearish Jon. Still, who knows what could happen after the last train to Clarkdale gets back to the station? Cover and details coming soon!

And last but not least, my second Canine Cupids package of three will be coming from Loose Id, release date to be announced soon and cover reveal coming also. This one is titled Cops and Canine Cupids and includes previously released stories Saved By Sam, Schnickelfritz in Love and a brand new one, Dogjacked.  You will meet a heroic Belgian Malinois, a rascally mini-schnauzer and his greyhound paramour, and a Pit Bull named Commando who is chauffeured around in a perfectly restored 1959 Plymouth Fury! Lots of laughs, some tense adventures and of course many hot times for the men owned by these dogs and their canine-assisted matches. Stay tuned!

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