Saturday, September 16, 2017

Canine Cupids redux

Cops and Canine Cupids came out several weeks ago.. You can find it at

I really like the cover. Loose Id artist Valerie Tibbs has come up with a great design that lends itself to featuring new guys and dogs as each collection in this series comes along.  Book two, of course, features a law enforcement officer as a lead character in each tale. That fact is hinted by the cover and again the three feature dogs are up there front and center.. There is officer Craig Rommel's Belgian Malinois Samson on the left (the Sam who does the saving in Saved By Sam), detective Boz's Mini-Schnauzer Snick (the Schnickelfritz who falls in love!) in the center and Trek's Pit Bull Commando on the right, the one who got dogjacked!

Dogjacked is the new story in this set, sharing the spotlight with reprints Saved By Sam and Schnickelfritz in Love.

Here are the blurbs from the three tales:

Dogjacked: Travel writer Trek ends up stranded in a small New Mexico town after a would be thief tries to steal his restored 1959 Plymouth Fury, with his Pit Bull traveling companion in the car. Commando makes it a short trip but then Trek must either leave his dog or stay while it is in quarantine since the dog literally nabbed the thief. Local cop Dan comes to his rescue. He shows Trek the local sights--and a few more things, as well.

Saved By Sam: A closing time robber confronts bartender Roy and almost gets the best of it until cop Craig and his dog take charge. When the dog and the officer are both wounded, Roy uses his military medic skills to stabilize them until the EMTs arrive. As they recover, one thing leads to another and the two men become unlikely friends and ultimately more.

Snickelfritz in Love: Electrician Jake and detective Boz have an  unusual meeting at the dog park when Boz's Snick takes a strong liking to Jake's retired greyhound Athena. After this awkward start the two end up working together when thieves rip expensive electronic parts off at a construction site where Boz is the lead in installing specialized equipment. While the men solve the crime, Snick and Athena plot to keep them together.

They are all fun stories and ones I had a great time writing. I do not consider myself a humor writer but situations in all three tales lend themselves to some humorous passages, giggle worthy if not laugh out loud. Of course there is some danger and adventure as well as some hot scenes mixed in with the other action. Novella length, each tale is a nice break time read, while traveling to or from work or to get in the mood at bedtime. Hope you will give this collection a try; if you have read Canine Cupids I, you already know what these stories are like and recognize that IMHO dogs and hunky guys just go together like PB & J!

Stick with me and we'll talk about Kindle Unlimited in the next post!

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