Saturday, January 9, 2016

Three months to complete your Deirdre O'Dare collection!

All of my back list books at Amber Quill are available and most at a discount from now until March 31. On that date they will be out of print and I cannot guarantee which ones will be available again and when that might happen. Since Deirdre has sixty three shorter--story and novella length-- titles plus eleven collcctions in print, I will try to feature a couple almost every day. That way you can check whether or not you have them and want to get them before they are gone. My page at AQP until the closing date is still at

All my titles are listed and available there from the first, Karola's Hunt to the most recent, Thank You, Ranch Romances. 

I am already talking to some other publishers, especially about my m/m romances and will definitely let you know how things go and what may be appearing in other venues within a few months. There are several other excellent publishers who either feature some GLBT books or publish them exclusively. A number of Amber Quill authors are already making arrangements to submit new work and republish older titles with them so it is likely that Deirdre O'Dare will be around iin the future.

Today in a separate post I will cover those two and every day or two until they are all posted, I'll feature a couple, one older and one newer.

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