Monday, January 11, 2016

More from Deirdre's back list

My second release at Amber Quill, Pickup Man  was the first of a series of three tales that were closely related, so I am going to hit all three this time. The series was titled The Rodeo Girls and the plots center around three women who are close friends that found love in various aspects of their favorite sport. The covers, of course, feature the hunky cowboys they hooked up with. The second tale, Portrait of a Cowboy was my fourth release and Cowboy First Aid was my fifth.  They are stand alone tales but can best be read in a group!

They are available in ebook form and in the print anthology Daring Delights. Buy them at

Here are the covers and the blurbs follow each one.

 High school librarian Jana's best friends Kim and Tracy accuse her of being a professional spinster, still single at twenty-seven. On a bet with them, the weekend of the big rodeo, Jana goes to the favorite nightspot of the rodeo crowd to try to pick up a cowboy. Before the night is over, she knows the steak dinner she'll win from her friends is by far the least of her prizes. Once she gets acquainted with Ty, the phrase "ride 'em cowboy" takes on a whole new meaning. She just might run her brand on this one!
 Sports photographer Kim is down on cowboys. Since her divorce, she is determined to go it on her own. Most of the rodeo crowd knows she won't date a performer. When she literally trips over hunky Wolf Voegler, however, she has to rethink her rule. Swept away by his gorgeous looks and his European charm, she rationalizes: surely one dinner date won't hurt…or even one unforgettable night of passion. Before it is over, though, she finds herself wanting more than just a portrait of this cowboy as a keepsake..

EMT Tracey is down on cowboys—they live on the road and any day can suffer a crippling or fatal accident. Burned by her trucker ex-husband’s infidelity, she feels love and a traveling life style can never mix. When she picks up Skip Horton after he’s been trampled by two horses, she can’t help but notice his great physique. Then he awakens in the ambulance and steals a kiss. She’s torn between attraction and wrath.Damn randy cowboys! Will they never quit flirting?
When her impulsive offer ends with him spending the night at her home, the attraction explodes. This cowboy, even injured, can make her feel things she’s never felt before. But won’t he be gone tomorrow? She doesn’t dare let lust overrule her common sense, much less admit her feelings could be anything deeper. But how can she help wanting more and more and more when this cowboy provides first aid for her wounded heart and self-esteem?

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