Saturday, January 16, 2016

More Deirdre O'Dare Tales

I will feature two more stories tonight, an older one and a 2014 release. The first is hetero and the second one is gay.  By chance both are on the same page of my section:

Randi's Hellacious Adventure took a big leap into the hot zone from Karola's Hunt and The Taming of Jaelle'n. It came about due to one of those "what if" questions that writers sometimes ask and then answer with a wide variety of results. I was considering near death experiences and suddenly began to picture a very unusual one and the result it might have on a young woman's life. Randi seems to have everything but she is not happy. Her love life with her nice fiance is very --well, boring! Then an automobile accident almost ends her life and she wakes up with a whole different perspective.IsS it just a wee bit tongue in cheek? Well maybe, but then maybe not too. BTW, the guy she meets is described as black but not African American; he is a jet black demon! Nothing similar out there for my cover artist to grab and use. :-(

Here is the blurb and the cover. Scottsdale, Arizona, princess Randi O’Neal, depressed over her lackluster love life, is heading home from a shopping trip when a monster truck demolishes her little sports car. When she awakes, she’s in a strange place, even hotter than familiar Arizona summers, where she meets an out-of-this-world sexy mentor.
While on this weird near-death experience, can she learn enough sexy tricks to fire up her staid MD fiancé and get the erotic thrills she craves? 

The newer story Red Tails in the Sunset  is one close to my heart in many ways. I have a dread of wild land fires begun when there was one near my home when I was twelve. I also have a huge admiration for the pilots who fly in with slurry or water or smoke jumpers to fight these dangerous fires. I watched such a plane take off from the small airport near my home one day and the title popped into my head. Soon I 'met' the pilot and Red Tails began to take shape. To me it is a very special tale. Even if he is gay, I am half in love with Blaine Darby! And I love the cover--those mesmerizing eyes! The story was dedicated to the firefighters killed in Arizona a few years back.
Blurb and cover: 
Former military pilot Blaine Darby carries a load of guilt and pain from the harm he may have caused in wartime. Now he seeks to earn some good karma by fighting wild land fires while holding on to his great love of flying. But reporters like young Daz Contreras scare him—one of the few things that do—because he shuns the public eye.
Freelance investigative journalist Daz Contreras is convinced terrorists are behind at least some of the wild land fires plaguing New Mexico. All he needs is enough proof to break the story. As he pursues leads, he begins to shadow pilot Blaine Darby and, in the process, develops a gigantic case of hero worship.
When Daz is allowed to ride with Blaine one time, he hopes the adventure will help him to uncover the proof he seeks. Yet when a near tragedy unexpectedly develops and Blaine puts his life on the line to save a trapped hotshot firefighting crew, Daz realizes he’s an eyewitness to what may be a bigger story than the one he planned. But will the reclusive Blaine actually allow Daz to report the news as he sees fit, even as they grow closer?

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