Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Story Behind the story--Snickelfritz in Love

This tale came about from several diverse inspirations. I visited Las Cruces several times while I lived near Silver City in 2008-09 and decided it would make a good setting. A close friend was working at that time as an industrial electrician although he was involved in mines rather than construction but I heard and learned a bit about the work from him. Once I moved to Colorado, I shared a home for a bit with my brother and a lady he lived with for a year or so. She had a wicked little scrap of dogdom called Pinto. He was an off-colored tan and white mini schnauzer and a little pistol! I knew he'd have to morph into a canine cupid character! Athena made a perfect foil for him.

The scene at the dog park was the first thing that came to me for this one--the dogs and then Jake and Boz. I knew there was a lot of ground to cover fast and a number of readers have said it was too short and hectic but life is fast paced today and so I tend to write that way--a fast read with just enough detail and back story to make a quick but absorbing read. This one became part of the print collection, Canine Cupids Two after I wrote a few more tales to keep it company!

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