Friday, April 20, 2012

Story Behind Eres Tu-Times Two

Eres Tu is a spin off from the very first of my Canine Cupids tales, Doggone Love. However it is not a doggie story at all! Instead I took a secondary character and went on to tell her story. Brandi Montoya was not wholly sympathetic in Doggone Love. She appeared as a rebellious young woman who has not learned how to control and direct her sexuality and perhaps abuses the fact she knows she is attractive and alluring!  She has a good heart but lacks maturity and wisdom.

Still something about her tugged at me and at some readers as well who indicated a desire to learn more about her. Thus Eres Tu came about, picking up on her life some months after her cameo role in Doggone Love. She's done some growing up and although she is still using her sex appeal, she does so in a wiser and more positive way than she did as a late teenager.

Menage tales are fun at times and this one is no exception. Very different from Paint a New Scene, in this one Brandi is very much the instigator although her two young men are more than willing to play the game once she gets them going! They ae naive and inexperienced but make very willing pupils to her lessons and have a lot of fun before it is over! I can't say much more without doing a spoiler here but that is perhaps enough. It is a bit irreverent and tongue in cheek--but then that is Dierdre coming through --the sometimes wicked Irish way of looking at things!

This one has another cover that delights me! The scenery--not the two intriguing torsos but the other part --looks very much like country I know and love in southern Arizona, right along the I-25 highway east of Tucson, a route I traveled many times from my home near Sierra Vista, the one just west of Tobstone!! Since I visualized Brandi's new hometown in a similar setting,  this was just perfect! Yummy enough to hang on the wall!

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