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Eres Tu-Times Two--adult. f/m/m

Eres Tu-_Times Two by Deirdre O'Dare

Blurb: Brandi Montoya has overcome a rough youth and made something of her life. It may not be what her mama dreamed for her but being a top flight exotic dancer is fun and pays very well. . Whatever she does, Brandi seeks to be the best. A wise mentor has set her on a positive path to success and she’s making good.

Darren and Darryl Hathcock have come to the outside world from a sheltered commune in the mountains, enjoined to seek converts for their family’s narrow sectarian religion. Although they were told how wicked things were outside, they had no idea how much fun they could have being thoroughly bad. Brandi is just the person to help them acquire the kind of education they seek but will she convert for them? Maybe it comes down to who will convert whom.

Excerpt: Note--the scene occurs shortly after Brandi meets the two young men as they go door to door with their message.

Brandi selected another CD and loaded it, waiting while the first strains of the music began. The two young men took chairs to one side and perched on the edges, stiff as a couple of mummies. The first notes of a flamenco piece drifted gently into the warm morning air. Brandi began to move--slow, subtle steps, pausing to arch her back, standing on her tiptoes. With her eyes almost shut, she could imagine herself in the Spain of her distant ancestors, moving around a gypsy campfire in one of the caves of Malaga. Instead of the black leotard, she would be wearing a flounced gown of scarlet, fitted to the hips, where it then erupted in a mass of tiered ruffles.

She raised her arms over her head, jingling an imaginary tambourine. Gradually, the tempo built, and her pace with it, faster now and bolder. From the shadows in the cave, hot masculine eyes watched her. Every move she made told them she could be had, but it would take a man among men, the strongest, bravest and most daring of them all.

She risked a swift glance at Darren and Darryl. They both watched her as avidly as her imagined audience, mouths open as they breathed in quick pants, eyes dilated as they followed her increasingly suggestive movements and gestures.

The one she thought was Darren, who'd done most of the talking, swayed in his chair, moving with the music. She was sure he had no idea what he was doing. He fixed his gaze on her, hardly blinking in his intent stare. She drifted across to him and held out one hand.

"Dance with me," she said. She spoke in a quiet voice, scarcely above a whisper, the sound little more than an extension of the music.

Obedient to desires stronger than a short life's worth of admonitions, he stood, following her to the center of the room. She swayed, sinuous as a snake, and moved around him, just short of touching. In a shimmy, her butt almost grazed the growing erection that strained at the fabric of his worn overalls. He shifted on his heels, rocking and twisting to follow her around, keeping his front to her. So close and yet not close enough. She could read the thought in his face. Oh, how he wanted her...

I would almost bet these boys are virgins. Her smile widened. But they won't be when they leave.

She reached to place one hand on his shoulder. Light as a leaf, she let it rest against the coarse fabric of his shirt. She could feel the heat of muscle beneath the fabric, the tension that radiated from his whole being. She trailed her fingertips down his arm, still keeping the touch light, barely enough to be felt. She could hear the heavy gasps of his breath; felt the warm air puff out across her face.

Whirling, she flounced her billowing skirts and tossed her head. In the firelight, her golden hoop earrings flashed like fire. All the men wanted her, but she would choose the lucky one. Who would be her partner tonight? Or might there be more than one?

Brandi let her imaginary scene fade, returning to the intriguing present. Circling the room, she paused before the other young man. "Join us," she murmured. "The music is calling to you. The Great One made man and woman, two halves of a whole. There is joy and honor in bringing those parts together. We honor his gift with our pleasure."

Darryl blinked, hesitated, but then he stood. From his expression and that action, she knew she had him. He grew bolder and reached to take her hand. The three of them linked hands in a circle and moved clockwise, sidestepping to the rising crescendo of the music.

Brandi twisted free, ducked under the arm of one of them, brushing behind him and then back between the two, trailing her hands along their bodies as she went. She wove a swift ribbon of motion around each and between them again, close enough to let her budded breasts feather across the arm of one, the chest of the other. Darting, quick and nimble, she led them in faster and faster spirals until as the music died, they all slumped together, weak and dizzy.

Darren shut his eyes. "The room is spinning around. I think I'm gonna fall..."

Brandi slipped her arm around his waist and brought her shoulder under his raised left arm. "No, lean on me a moment until things settle down."

But then Darryl lost his balance, grabbing first for Darren and then Brandi. That was too much. The three of them sprawled in a heap across her exercise mat and lay for several heartbeats in a hot tangle of bodies. Arms and legs entwined. The unmistakable pressure against her right hip had to be an erection. The heated weight crushing her breasts was a masculine chest. Warm breath stirred moist hair at the back of her neck, and from another angle, sifted sweetly across her face from parted lips very, very close. She turned her head that last degree or two and pressed her mouth to his.

Whether it was Darren or Darryl, she was not sure, but it made no difference. Inexpert though he was, the kiss carried an electrifying charge. She felt the quickening of erotic energy pulse through the male body lying half across her. She shifted to press her butt into the crotch at her back, felt the answering leap in the cock, already more than half-erect.

Both of them looked very young. The blond stubble on their cheeks created no five o'clock shadow, but that was more from its color than sparseness. She was sure both could produce a handsome beard if they did not shave. Odd, too, that they did shave, as most obscure sects approved of facial hair on the adult men. Still she felt sure they were legally of age. Otherwise, it was not likely their strict leaders would have sent them out on a mission. If there was ever a woman perfectly designed to instruct a couple of innocent young men in the amorous arts, she was that woman. From all the signs, both, though naive, were ripe and ready. They would probably prove to be apt students.

In the back of her mind, the image of a new routine flashed as if across a screen--her ablaze in scarlet and sequins with the two blond boys clad in dark denim or leather. She would be the seducing siren and in the act, she'd make them willing to fall from grace--just as she would soon do here, today. Oh, that routine could be hotter than Independence Day in Death Valley and attract an audience of both men and women. Burlesque and erotica were becoming more of a draw for both sexes these days as women increasingly came out of the closet to explore and flaunt their own sexuality.

With a wicked little exhalation, she reached with one hand to fondle the interesting bulge behind her, while she caught the other lad's wrist and led his hand to her breast, covered only by the thin stretchy fabric of her leotard. The three of them shifted, hands wandering and legs still entangled. Within moments, well-worn denim could barely contain the eager organs within the confines of oft-washed overalls.

Relinquishing her holds, Brandi edged herself free. On the pretext of easing herself into a position where she could get up, she slid one overall strap off the right shoulder in front of her and then managed to dislodge the other. She pushed up onto her knees, pausing there to smile down at both young men encouragingly. They both looked dazed, eyes glassy and breath coming in urgent gasps.

"It's all right," she murmured. "Do you think the Great One would seek to deny his children the pleasures for which he designed them? You are men now and ready to sample adult things. Don't be afraid and don't think of this as a sin. You know there were things you weren't allowed to do when a child that adults did. Some of the things I'm going to show you soon are in this category. It's just that no one's told you yet you're old enough and ready..."

She pitched her voice to her most soothing and gentle tone, but also laced it with seductive sweetness. She was Lilith and Salome, every temptress ever described, but also the sugared and wholesome next-door dream girl every young man craved--even those who had been taught to resist the urgings of the flesh. They would thank her when she was done with them.

"I'm going to show you some wonders, share some secrets with you, some of the most powerful secrets I know. First thing you need to do is get out of your overalls. The Great Power likes to see us as we were made, in his image, you know."

She promptly set about removing as much of her clothing as she could without totally stripping at once. The short wrap skirt she'd donned over her leotard for the dance fluttered aside. Next, she slipped her leotard off one shoulder, pushing the cap sleeve down her arm until she could pull free. Then she took care of the other side, but left the clinging fabric covering her breasts although it hardly concealed them, lovingly molding every curve and sheer enough to hint at her dark areolas. One good shimmy and it would be around her hips.

Staring at her with parted lips and expressions of amazement, delight and shock, the two young men unbuttoned and shoved down their worn overalls until they could draw their legs free. Underneath they wore baggy boxers, clearly homemade and cinched at the waist with a drawstring instead of elastic. Two eager erections tented the thin fabric and threatened to burst free of the buttoned fly fronts.

"Now the shirts," Brandy instructed in dulcet tones. "Let's see those chests, all that muscle and masculine beauty. Remember, man is made in the divine one's image and woman in the image of his consort and wife."

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