Sunday, April 15, 2012

Behind the Story--He Comes With the Dark

This was actually one of the first erotic romance pieces I began, about the same time as Karola's Hunt which was my first Amber Heat release in June 2004. I know I had written a bit on both before my husband's death in November 2003. I had gone to RT in Kansas City in September and everyone was talking about Ellora's Cave and their romantica --a new genre of romance with much more explicit and detailed love scenes. Hmm. I said, I wonder if I could write that?

It was a stretch right then as I had to work really hard to create the Pg-13 love scenes in my earlier Gwynn Morgan books--all my inhibitions and hang-ups seemed to crawl out of the woodwork and harass me! But I said heck, I am a 'professional writer' and a real pro can write anything s/he wants to! I will do it!

I've been fascinated by tales of the drowned lands of prehistoric times such as Atlantis, Ys and Lemuria. I was also intrigued by the notion that all the continents of Earth were once one and over ageless eons broke apart and shifted to new locations around the globe. There is considerable disagreement as to where Lemuria might once have been but that is really not critical. An island kingdom could certainly have been shattered by a combination of an earthquake and a volcanic eruption and a resulting tsunami that swallowed it up forever. But what if there were survivors who managed to get away? Thus Zeth came to be and I knew he had been forced to linger in a state of limbo for an ageless time in order to 'fix' some terrible events in which he had a part.

Enter Arabella, an artist struggling to reawaken a dormant and sluggish muse stifled by many layers and kinds of repression. Where might these two come together? What better place than the area near Sedona, Arizona which has become a kind of New Age Mecca with all sorts of mystique! the pictures at the top are a couple I took up on Sedona on a visit in about 2006; it was in September but still a bit of monsoon clouds hanging around.

And so, I wrote the first couple of chapters, still waiting for the characters to open up and tell me their tale so I could share it. That was about when my husband's sudden and unexpected death sent my muse into a prolonged hiatus and my work slowed drastically for some time. I finally did complete Karola's Hunt to enter the first contest held by Amber Quill to admit some new erotica authors. But He sat in that proverbial under-the-bed box for a very long time, Now and then I would write a little on it but it was sporadic and I was still reaching to find where this tale was going.

So it was a long while before I really got into it again and it finally took shape and was released in both ebook and print form since it is a short novel length in June 2010! I mght add that I love the cover. The image of Zeth is totally as I visualized him and the background is perfect. I love the red rocks and they really do glow in the right light! Trace Edward Zabar does some awesome cover work for us!

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