Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Story behind Paint a New Scene

The next release I had in 2010 is a steamy menage! Paint a New Scene came out in March of 2010. It is not yet in a print collection; I am working on a menage group and need to complete one more to round it out!

This tale also came from my short time of residence in Grant County, NM. I rented a house in the little town of Hurley and just like Keely, I found it run down but my land lady hired a couple of guys to spiff it up on the outside, which it badly needed. They were not quite as hunky as Jerry and Tim but they were nice guys and we got to be friends. They received a little thank you gift from me--a good sized jug of Jose Cuervo which I had kept for quite awhile; it was left over from my daughter's wedding reception!

The left picture is before--and does not really show how leprous and yucky parts of the exterior looked. I had my doubts about the color scheme but the warm tan with two shades of green came out pretty kewl. And I have to share what I called "the Barney Room" for obvious reasons; with the land lady's permission I rpeainted it sky blue with white trim. Whew--that was my office and work room! Yes it really was Kelly green, Lincoln green and screaming purple!!!

Of course this sequence of events triggered my "what if" bug and pretty soon I was imagining things that could happen and then the three characters began to share their tale with me! I saw that Keely could not decide which guy was the hottest and since she liked them both and they seemed very amenable to sharing... Well, they really did paint a new scene! Keely's success with the gallery in Las Cruces and the gallery itself arose from a trip I made with a friend to do a gallery tour early in the spring of 2009. There really are some marvelous little galleries and shops scattered through the old town, well worth a visit!

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