Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Brand New Beginning

It's just a day, a day in the life of a ??? a crazy writer, I guess. Life has a way of throwing you a whole darn mess of curve balls and as the great Scots poet Robert Burns said--the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley (or often go awry in normal English.) I am not a man or a mouse nor even a long tailed rat so I guess one can add women or at least a crazy Irish/Welsh author type woman to that list!

This time I am going to make it happen. Yes, I moved some more--once from house to house in Colorado and finally, last fall, back to my beloved southwest desert or high desert where my spirit is at home and very slowly things are getting back to normal, or at least what passes for that in my warped world. The move was a hugely challenging and exhausting effort following a roller coaster eight or nine month period of things being utterly unsettled so it is not quite possible to land on one's feet--but I am getting there!

Meanwhile, I assure you Deirdre has not sat idle--my back list has grown quite a bit in the two years when I have not been around, despite all the distractions. Just nip over to www.amberheat.com/bio_ODare.html and www.amberallure.com/bio_ODare.html and take a gander. But my plan for this blog is not just to tout my books. Life is full of a lot of other things than that. And I am going to be starting a new blog also that will delve into the things I find precious, interesting and inspiring. There are a lot of D's there--so look for Dreams, Dogs, Deserts, and Druids! That will be the title of the other blog and I will post a link to it directly so you can go there easily.

For now, sunsets and happy endings!


  1. Hi, Deirdre, I've read some of your M/M stories and found them quite hot, though I am as heterosexual as they come. The stories are also well written and poignant. Love does not necessarily mean two people of the opposite sex, and you do it wonderful credit

    1. Thank you Heide. I think we both know love is "The one true thing" and is never really wrong or wasted. We cannot always control how one of those sly arrows cupid shoots will go! I love your tales too--all very poignant and full of adventure, intrigue and love as well! We share a gift I think in the skill to tell a story and it is a blessing to share with the world!


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