Friday, February 19, 2016

Time is flying by!

I just realized that over half the three months that remained when the Amber Quill authors got word of the firm's closing has passed. So I need to remind friends and fans that the Deirdre O'Dare books are going to be gone in just over five weeks. Right now you can still get them at the Amber Quill site and on various venders such as All Romance E-Books.  I encourage you to check out Deirdre's pages at the Amber Quill site and see which books you do not have and want to add to your collection while you can. Here's the link to get started. There are four pages following the first one listing all my titles, both the Amber Heat (straight) and Amber Allure (GLBT).

I am still trying to decide what I m going to do with this bunch of tales. Some of them I will probably re-release as self-published books but it's hard to decide which ones. Several of my favorites have not been my best sellers so will it be worth reissuing them?  I am pretty sure the Canine Cupids series will be available somewhere within the coming year. Beyond that it's pretty much up for grabs!

So for now here are a couple of other titles to perhaps pique your interest. These are two contemporary gay stories that released a month apart a few years back. We were in a monochrome cover style right then!

You Were Always on My Mind is of course the title of a song covered by a range of artists over the years. We were doing a PAX collection based on song titles and this one reached out to me.  I saw almost at once a pair of men who had known each other in high school as friends and one night late in their senior year they got drunk together  and things went off in a new direction. They parted very soon afterwards but as it turned out, neither one ever quite forgot...When events put them back together, would the old attraction come alive again?

Here is the blurb and the cover--which illustrates one scene just perfectly...

Blurb: Garth Talent could never forget Peter Nightrider, his best bud from high school, or the one drunken night they shared exploring each other’s bodies. He’s spent fifteen years with that memory and has never found anyone to erase it.
Now Garth is a high-priced attorney and Peter is a celebrity, heading an exciting Native-Pop music group. But Peter is in serious trouble and Garth is the only one who can help him.
Garth is on edge when Peter arrives...will his friend remember that wonderful night? Will the spark still exist between them? Ethics say Garth can’t have an affair with a client, however, even if it turns out Peter is willing.
Will those old memories get in the way or will Garth and Peter find themselves making new ones? Garth plays by the rules, but to Peter, rules are meant to be broken. Who can win in this struggle of wills and wants?

Muscle Car Man is quite a different tale. I've been somewhat fascinated by men who are released from prison and trying to make a new life for themselves. Of course they urgently need a friend and a mixture of an advocate and a mentor. A Cop and A Con was one of those but this is another.  As to the muscle cars, well I was a kid of the 1960s and loved those loud, powerful gas-hogs that the bad boys of that era were so fond of!  I went with a friend to a 'junkyard' somewhat like this one just before I began to write this tale and that reinforced the atmosphere I wanted to capture! So come along for the ride and the adventure here.

Blurb: Jeff Castle has changed lanes from the high-tech world to that of the classic muscle cars and
their fans when he inherits his uncle’s glorified junkyard. His new life is complicated when help is hard to find. An impulse leads him to pick up a hiker on a remote road, and the man turns out to be just the kind of muscle Jeff needs in every way.
Released from prison after three hellish years, Mike needs help. All he can offer is his willingness to work and his background in repairing and racing stock cars. He gives this freely to Jeff and soon finds he wants to give more. Will his benefactor be willing to accept the love of an ex-con who still has a blot on his name? Mike is scared to ask, but nature takes matters out of his hands.
Together, Jeff and Mike begin racing toward an amazing future...

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