Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Take a deep breath

At least I will. I've featured right at half of my back list titles in a  month. I have to concentrate on a couple of other projects for a few days and will pick up on the book talk after those things are done.

I am still looking at options and considering what is the best way to handle re-releases, rewrites and adding some new work to the collection. All of this takes some research and also some soul-searching on my part. Do I want to dare the challenges of self-publishing? How can I be sure that a new publisher will not also succumb soon to the Amazon steamroller? If I am going to re-home existing titles pretty much unchanged, which ones should go first?  Which oncs should I redo and make them hotter, longer, maybe merge two or more into a single longer work, etc. Like they say, it's complicated!

Whenever I reach some decisions and put them in play you will be the fist to know I promise. Meanwhile I do hope you will visit the Deirdre O'Dare pages and gather up a few titles before they are gone. I am pretty sure that some will not appear again anywhere, even in changed forms. Which ones? I really have no idea yet but I am pretty sure there will be some. I write all over the map so there  should be something for every reader, whatever sub-genre, setting or other factors may be involved!

That page link once again is http://www.amberquill.com/store/m/137-Deirdre-O-Dare.aspx  Gwynn's books can be found on http://www.amberquill.com/store/m/57-Gwynn-Morgan.aspx

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