Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring Fever but still here!

I'm torn between enjoying the wonderful false spring--we still can have some chilly days and hopefully some rain in the lower elevations and snow in the mountains--and part of my heart is in Alaska, where the Jr Iditarod was run this weekend and the big race starts next Saturday. But with only thirty days left to sell my Deirdre O'Dare tales in their current form. I have to put some attention to that too! This time I will feature some of my menage tales. I did several and no two are quite alike just as no trios of friends and lovers can be quite the same.

Jesse's Girl was my entry into another song title PAX that five AQ authors put together. The title of course comes from a Rick Springfield song. I was intrigued by the idea of two friends who are almost split apart when one finds a special lady and the other one wants her too but this tale has a twist; do the two guys secretly have the hots for each other too? You might have to read it to find out!

Here is the blurb and the cover.
LuAnne Lockner, the new lady in Sand Creek, Colorado, finds herself coming between two long-term buddies, the sexy Burton Hart and Jesse Greenwood.
Determined not to destroy the life-long friendship between the two men, and sensing they both would like to take things just a little farther with her as well as each other, LuAnne arranges a wild weekend in Las Vegas—for the three of them.
Just as LuAnne anticipates, a very good time is had by all...

Paint a New Scene grew out of real life. I had moved to a small town in southwestern New Mexico and my landlady had a couple of guys working on the house I rented which was in bad need of painting and some refurbishing. A lot of ladies have at least a secret fantasy of being loved to ecstasy by two hunky guys. No, that part was not based on real life but it was sure fun to write!

Here is the blurb and cover.
Young widow and artist Keely must reinvent her life after her husband’s sudden death. Her first step is
to move from Tucson to southwestern New Mexico. When her landlady hires a couple of hunky itinerant handymen to refurbish the rental house, Keely begins to awaken from her grief-spawned isolation.
Jerry and Tim have been drifters, working their way around the west while trying to put their painful pasts behind them. In Keely, they discover a reason to stop moving for a while and perhaps put down roots in the colorful old mining town of Copper City as they ply their trade.
Beguiled by the sexy handymen, Keely discovers a new subject for her paintbrush. Her new "friends with benefits" introduce her to the erotic pleasures of a ménage relationship and inspire her to paint a new scene.

Eres Tu-Times Two spun off from my first Canine Cupids story. In it, Brandi, the granddaughter of one hero's Latino friends and employees, plays a key role in getting the two men to acknowledge their mutual attraction. It turned out she needed a story of her own and here she got one. It happens several years after Doggone Love and may be just a teensy bit tongue-in-cheek but it was a fun romp all the way!

Here is the blurb and the cover.
Brandi Montoya has overcome a rough youth and made something of her life. It may not be what her mama dreamed for her, but being a top flight exotic dancer is fun and pays very well. Whatever she does, Brandi seeks to be the best. A wise mentor has set her on a positive path to success and she’s making good.
Darren Hathcock and Darryl Winstead have come to the outside world from a sheltered commune in the mountains, enjoined to seek converts for their extended family’s narrow sectarian religion. Although the naive young men were told how wicked things were outside, they also had no idea how much fun they could have being thoroughly bad. Brandi is just the person to help them acquire the kind of wild education they didn't even know they needed.
Can the young men convince Brandi to convert for them, or will she be the one doing the converting?

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