Thursday, March 3, 2016

Two more Thin Green Line tales

As I promised, here are the other two stories of the Thin Green Line series so far.
Wings of Love  matches a pair of unlikely partners who both have the same power. They are shape-shifters who can become birds of prey and fly. They put this to good use as they track down some desperate and evil characters and finally come to the point they can share this and even deeper secrets.
Druid in Drag has another lone-wolf agent infiltrating the headquarters of a notorious drug dealer suspected of having other-world ties. There he teams up with another loner who turns out to be a bonefide alien himself, one even stranger in many ways than Clay Chiles' Elvish  partner.
If you like lots of adventure and a few hot scenes thrown in as rather mismatched pairs of brave men find their unexpected soulmate and slowly build trust and a long term bond, these stories are for you!

Here are the blurbs and covers:

Wings of LoveSpecial Border Patrol agent Alex, who can shapeshift into a raven, is used to working
alone. He honors his Scots ancestry and has never met another shifter except for kinfolk back in Scotland. When he’s required to accept a partner, he normally manages to get rid of them by being so distant, aloof, and downright weird that they cannot deal with him. But the latest man assigned to work with Alex, a Native American named Manuel Ortiz, poses a whole new range of challenges.
Manuel, a member of the Tohono O’Odham tribe, works for the Border Patrol to support his ailing elderly parents. He has a secret he’s never dared to share—he can shapeshift into a red-tailed hawk. When his superiors team him with cold, cynical Alex, he’s not sure why until he learns his new partner has a similar curse—or gift.
Together, the men begin to form an uneasy bond. Confronting an evil and completely alien drug cartel boss, they have to cooperate to survive. In doing so, Alex and Manuel slowly learn the synergy of partnership and even discover that flying together can open a whole new world for them, that riding on the wings of love can be magical indeed...

Druid in Drag: Ren Coulter is used to working alone. As a special agent in the Paranormal Operations
Unit of the border patrol, his mission is to infiltrate the compound of a reputed drug lord named Mendoza and learn the source of a dangerous and addictive new drug. He decides to go undercover in drag, disguised as a glamorous young woman in the hopes of catching Mendoza’s notorious roving eye. Yet even before Ren meets the drug lord, he encounters Darzul, one of Mendoza’s striking bodyguards. Despite his lone-wolf habits, Ren sees advantages in working together with the man.
Darzul Onaygan has been sent from his home-world of Arzula to blend in with the earthlings and help them fight off the evil alien invaders. Bisexual as most Arzulans are, many even able to switch gender at will, he finds Ren attractive in both his guises. Yet Darzul knows it takes more than hot sex to build a partnership. While outside threats may force them to work together, that alone cannot forge a bond. Trust comes slowly and not without a hitch, but soon they must also rely on one another to survive.
Can Ren and Darzul live long enough to not only to accomplish their mission, but also to become real partners?

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