Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Almost to the End

I got wrapped up in the Iditarod sled dog race which is currently part of the biggest project in my to-do list.And as it will, the time slipped away. In just a week Amber Quill will be no more and the works I have had there for the past twelve years will all be out of print. I am still planing to get some of them reissued somewhere but when and where I am not sure. I hope if you do want to get any of them that you will visit the AQP site these last few days and nab them. I do have some copies of all the anthologies and will sell them autographed at my cost plus the postage should anyone want one. That also goes for Gwynn's four novels and Deirdre's short novel, He Comes With the Dark.

I will try to drop in here fairly often and update you on what is going on. Meanwhile thanks for your support and may you always read happy.I may even put some of the shorter tales up for free reads, who knows. If you want to keep in touch I can be reached at

Hasta luego!

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