Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Celtic-Inspired Rural Fantasy--Beyond the Shadows

Some time back I wrote the first of what was to become the Thin Green Line series about the fictitious Paranormal Operations Unit of the US Border Patrol. When I wrote Beyond the Shadows, I had no notion it would spawn a number of tales and that Liam and Rhys would appear in cameo spots in some of them. But of course most of us writers fall in love with all the characters we create, some more than others but I don't think I have invented a couple I was glad to say goodbye to. Liam and Rhys were certainly well up in my favorite list!

I had only a vague idea at first what the story was going to be about. The core was simply two men who had been near-lifelong friends and both denied the attraction they felt for the other because they feared to lose the very strong and valued friendship they shared. I frequently come up with characters who are of Celtic ancestry and these two were no exception. Liam is of course Irish and Rhys is Welsh. Finally I began to recognize that it would take some life-threatening emergency to bring their real love to the forefront for both of them. How and what would this be?

I ended up slipping up on it by way of dreams they both experienced which seemed to imply a shared life in the dim and distant past! You can either share my belief in reincarnation or not but that was the premise I used. In that long ago life they had become true partners and forged a bond which allowed them to triumph over a ghastly demonic enemy. They had vanquished it, but over the centuries, it found its way back! Now again it is threatening them and wreaking havoc in a remote region along the southern New Mexico and Arizona border.  Since the tale is romance, they do hook up and do succeed in banishing the evil being forever; more I will not reveal lest it become a spoiler!

Anyway it seems fitting to feature and share this particular tale today so an excerpt, the cover and buy link info will follow in a second post!

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