Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Different Drummer--coming next week!!!

I'm really excited to announce that A Different Drummer will be available next Sunday, April 21 along with four other music-themed stories by some of the wonderful Amber Allure authors in Melodies From the Heart!! For the next two weeks this Amber PAX (C) will be featured on the special blog where each of our great groups of five themed tales are featured as they are released together, normally about one group a month. Most of you readers are probably already familiar with the PAX format and pattern but if you aren't you are really missing out!!

As a reminder, here is the cover for my story and also for the collection. This week I will be featuring excerpts from mine and some back story/story behind the story stuff as well. There will also be a link to the PAX blog so you can check out the others. Music is so evocative and so closely tied to many emotions that I think it makes a tremendous jumping off point for some amazing tales. I hope you will agree!

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