Friday, March 8, 2013

Cover for A Different Drummer...

Just hit my in-box and I love it! I'm excited about this story even if it is still a month plus to the release date!
Of course our wonderful cover artist at Amber Quill actually was a heavy metal musician in a 'prior life' so he has a real feel for a cover like this. I think it is perfect. More on this story soon including excerpts as soon as the edits are done. Have a wonderful Celtic Heritage month! And visit our other blog

Tomorrow since I am a huge fan and the race is going on right now--speaking of the Iditarod, of course--I'll feature my story from sometime back Love is Snowblind which takes place in the mushing community in Alaska and was in the second volume (print) of my Canine Cupids tales. More comments on the Iditarod at the other blog too!

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