Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jumping Jack Flash--Excerpt 2, (m/m adult, NC-17)

And this comes from a bit farther into the tale, Jack and Doug's first intimate encounter...

While the coffee pot burbled and dripped, he turned to Jack who now stood in the doorway from the front room to the compact kitchen. “Want some?”
The teasing glint that danced in the carnie’s changeable eyes should have warned him but the words still caught him by surprise.
“Depends on what you’re offering,” Jack said. “I’m known to be opportunistic. I’d take a BJ, a hand job or even a cup of coffee.”
Emboldened by this turn of the conversation, Doug found himself grinning.  Maybe this was what he’d wanted all along. “How about all the above?”
“Yep, I’d go for that, too,”
Doug set the mugs on the counter and turned around. He started toward the other man. “Sitting or up against the wall?”
“I was thinking more of going sixty-nine, really. The couch?”
Arranging themselves took no more time than accepting the idea. Jack sprawled on the futon, unfastening the fly of his jeans as he stretched out. Doug approached Jack’s head, eased down with a knee on either side of the mass of wild red hair and then remembered to unfasten his own waistband and zipper. He bent forward and reached for Jack’s eager cock which had shot up nearly as fast as one of those knives—but a lot more tempting.   The next breath he felt Jack’s nimble fingers close around his dick. Oh man, oh wow.
           The electricity was still there, to the tenth power at least. Every nerve in his body seemed to leap, twitch and then scream out in eager hunger. More and more and more. Yes!! Then he felt the hot moisture of Jack’s lips and tongue and gave himself up to pure and total sensation. Belatedly he remembered he was supposed to be doing his part too. The requirement took multi-tasking to a whole new level even while it added to his own arousal and excitement. Jack was hung very well and he tasted salty, spicy and hotter than a mouthful of chiltepines. .

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