Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's a Gas.!!.

Get ready for Jumping Jack Flash! It will hit the market this coming weekend, first at the Changeling site on Friday and soon thereafter at the regular ebook sales venues. And sale priced the first week of release! This is a brand new story, loosely linked to the Thin Green Line rural fantasy series as a kind of prequel. It is also the kick-off story for the new Set in Stone themed group of tales coming at Changeling from many of your favorite authors. All of these will take off from the title of one of the Rolling Stones many great songs and the way different authors interpret that inspiration will blow you away!

Here is a quick scoop on Jumping Jack Flash:

Jack never knew his father, and his carnie mother died when he was in his teens. The carnie is the only family Jack’s ever known. He perfects a knife and sword act where he keeps himself safe by making the steel blades go exactly where he wants them. Getting his GED and working to educate himself while keeping up his carnival act leaves Jack no time for a social life, but he’s been too busy to miss what he never had.
Doug’s a pretty ordinary guy with a college education and a boring IT job. When his loser druggie boyfriend moves out, Doug’s lonely and hurt. Looking for distraction, he goes to a carnival. When he sees the mercurial red head, he’s enthralled. Jack Flash is the opposite of everything Doug’s ever known. Can two men with such widely different lives find common ground on which to build a bond?

Stop by tomorrow for an excerpt and some story behind the story!

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