Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Backlist Boogie

Just a heads up to readers here. Starting in February I plan to feature one title from my back list each week, both here and on the Amber Heat Reader's List and maybe the Amber Quill Authors' blog as well. The covers will be shown, of course, a short excerpt or two provided  and a bit of background about the story: how or why I came to write it, maybe a peek at the inspiration or some other special tidbit about it.

BTW, I seldom post pictures of me here but this shot was from an RT booksigning event a few years back. I was signing under both my pseudonyms there, Gwynn Morgan of the PG-13 romances and Deirdre O'Dare of the sizzlers.

I'm working on my eleventh year as an AQ author in their Heat and Allure lines and I know some of the more recent readers probably are not too familiar with some of my early work. There are a lot of titles to check if anyone does go to my page on teh AQ site and look at the back list! Yep, I am a fairly prolific writer. I know there are more than fifty titles to over my pseudonym up there. It kind of startles me to count up and realize. I will probably be giving away one of my collections--a print book, autographed of course, as part of this promotion.

I'm planning on doing it Wednesday so watch this page on Wednesday, February 4 for the very first bars of the Backlist Boogie!! It may be a long song. LOL.

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