Saturday, July 26, 2014

Red Tails reminder and what is next

Just a final reminder that Red Tails in the Sunset will be on sale tomorrow, maybe even this evening as they sometimes get new releases posted the previous night! Be sure to check out my posts on the Amber Quill authors blog tomorrow. That's at  New excerpt, some behind the scenes stuff etc.

So what's next? Well my next story will be out on September 21 as part of the Silver Foxes PAX which is five stories with younger men hooking up with older ones, thus the silver and of course they are foxy! My contribution is called A Game of Hearts and I do have a cover, drool-worthy of course! Here is a sneak peek--you all are the first to see it!  Right now I will only tell you that the story has nothing to do with a card game of that name but much more would be too close to a spoiler. Look for a  few more hints late in August when I get home from my vacation of a lifetime, three weeks in Alaska! And here is the collection cover; I love older men, they are confident, suave,  mostly well-to-do and of course sexy as the blazes!!!

Meanwhile go in peace and happy reading.

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