Friday, July 18, 2014

Red Tails in the Sunset debuts in just over a week!

I am really excited about this story. Even if it is releasing just a few days before I take off on a big bucket-list trip of a lifetime --going to Alaska!!--I do want to remind my readers about this very special story. On the 27th of July, I'll have three posts on the Amber Quill Authors' Blog at   That's  the day the story hits the market. I'd love for you to pop over there and read them!

Meanwhile I throw a few special tidbits out here. Like, since Blaine Darby is featured on the cover, I thought I'd share a shot that was one inspiration for my Latin Lover journalist, Daz Contreras. (BTW, one of the posts over at the AQ blog is an interview with our Daz. Don't miss that one!)

Over at my deirdre-fourds blog, I will talk a little bit about the summer my parents ran a forest lookout in the North Kaibab forest one summer when I was just a wee tyke. It was an amazing summer even if I did not have any kids to play with. Raised by two eccentric and sometimes reclusive parents, I was used to entertaining myself and it's probably a big factor in my becoming a writer!

Here is one more look at the fantabulous cover of Red Tails. I really want it poster size to hang on my wall. I am just loving it! Those eyes and my amazing cover artist just read my mind and portrayed Blaine just the way I had visualized him!

I am also totally in awe of the pilots who fly those "slurry bombers" and other fire fighting aircraft. They put military and stunt pilots to shame with some of their incredible feats. That was one reason I was driven or drawn to write this particular story. The title was a gift--came to me as I watched one of those red tailed crafts take off from the local general aviation (not commercial with scheduled flights) airport which is a base for some of them here in southern New Mexico. They often flew right over my house last summer. No big, bad fires close to here so far this year. XX --fingers and toes all crossed! May the Powers watch over all who are fighting fires all over the west as I type this.

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