Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring is coming

and with it the month of May right around the corner.

That month will see the release of a Gwynn Morgan novel, Kit's Ultimate Deal and a new Deirdre O'Dare AmberPAX story, in Purrfect Tales, Catastrophe. I don't have the cover for either of mine but here is the yummy cover for the PAX. If that does not get your attention you may be dead!! You can bet these will be hot and exciting tales featuring cat shifters as main characters. All kinds of cats! I may be allergic to felines but I bet these will cause no symptoms except make me purrrrr! There is just something awfully sexy about a sleek, fluid and powerful cat, isn't there?

As soon as I have my covers, I will share them too and there will be some snippets from both tailes--er, tales--in the coming days as well. Oh, I amost forgot!!. AQP is unveiling a brand new spiffy and user-friendly web site for our fans and customers. The basic URL is still the same but those to reach author pages and other areas will be different. I think the old ones will hand you over for awhile but I will post my new key ones in the next few days . One change is that author pages will now show all books by that author and not divide them by the line they appear in. Still, Gwynn and Deirdre will each have a page.

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