Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cover and Count Down to Kit's Ultimate Deal

Good Saturday! Gwynn here today because my book is coming out the soonest. ;-) Right around May 1, Kit's Ultimate Deal will be available in e-versions and it will be out in print later in May. This is another reissue but I updated it quite a bit. The plot is still basically the same and so are my two lead characters: hard-charging financial adviser Kit Poindexter, fresh out from Boston with her Harvard MBA and poor easy-going Bret McClintock, anthropology prof and handsome dude often mistaken for being just another  pretty face. They run into each other in an Arizona blizzard up in the high country and travel a very bumpy road before they become the perfect mismatch HEA pair.

I just got the cover a few days ago and I love, love, love it!  Our wonderful cover artist at Amber Quill never disappoints but now and then he outdoes himself and this is one of those times. I want this one in frame-able art style to put up on the wall!! It's just yummy and like Trace read my mind. See for yourself:

I'm doing the edits right now and will share an excerpt or two as soon as my editor gets the final version back in my hands. I don't like to share unedited mss stuff although this one isn't getting too much red ink for me to fix. Actually it is blue Track Changes (c) but you get the idea. I had a tremendous amount of fun with the first writing of this some years ago and modernizing it was just as much fun. I injected a good deal more humor, although mostly of the dry and droll type, than often appears in  my novels although there is plenty of angst, sexual tension and even a bit of sizzle before we get to the end. I think you'll enjoy it. It's been off the market quite awhile and was not a huge seller so I expect it will be brand new to most of my readers. I'll be offering a freebie or two once it is out so watch for links to chats and such elsewhere where these will be given.

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