Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's for sale!

Wrenching and its four companion tales are now for sale! I would say get them while they are hot but I do not think the heat level is going to go away any time soon. But they are hot off the presses... Actually Wrenching is not the hottest of my gay romance stories although there is quite a lot of sexual tension and a bit of sizzle here and there. Just as they tell me their story, my characters also set the limits of how far they are willing to go in sharing the intimate details of their bond with the world. These guys were a little bit shy, I guess, but I don't think you will be disappointed! They do go well beyond a chaste smooch or two!

Be sure to stop by over at to see all the cool covers and read excerpts and this coming week, some inside scoop from the authors. I always share some story-behind-the-story there and this time is no exception. Others may share all kinds of odd tidbits so be sure to take a look. Freebies are up for grabs as well.  Here's one more look at my cover with the hunky mechanic and his big ---wrench!!! He can adjust my attitude any time!

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