Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Okay, Hearts to Heal is now in print!

I just got the word and have ordered some copies for my own use. Any reader who wants an autographed copy, I will sell you one and share my author's discount by covering the postage to ship it anywhere in the USA. If you are elsewhere we can talk about it and find a compromise! It is listed right now at $11.80 on Amazon. So that will be your price, delivered in any of the 50.  Here's the link if you prefer to shop for yourself. :  http://www.amazon.com/Hearts-Heal-Gwynn-Morgan/

You can also go through the Amber Quill site to order the book, both in electronic formats--a choice of five to fit almost any e-reader--as well as the print version. To get there click on or cut and paste the following:  http://www.amberquill.com/HeartsToHeal.html

On other news, the mss is now in and the contract signed for Kit's Ultimate Deal, which will be coming out in May. More on that one shortly. I can't wait to see what the hugely talented Trace Edward Zebar comes up with for that cover!! His work is just awesome--always.

Deirdre is also on pins and needles to see what will cover her upcoming release--I think it is in March but not totally sure yet--Wrenching. It's vintage Deirdre, two hot guys and a lot of action, intrigue, angst and sexual tension! It's part of a PAX group, all five tales taking place at least partly in a garage and we all seem to have gone with a mechanic theme but knowing the five authors, they will be vastly different stories. Deirdre's is set in New Mexico on a ranch and nearby small town with a flavor of some troubles that are happening in this region. Excerpts and such fun stuff coming soon.

Go in peace friends and readers!

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