Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Odds and ends of news

As you all know, Hearts to Heal has been out in ebook form since the first weekend of the month and the year. I still haven't gotten word that print copies are available but I will let everyone know the very minute I get this word! I will be ordering at least ten copies and maybe more so I can have some to sign and send to any friend or fan who wants one.

Here's a shot of me at a book fair a few years back. I'm a little thinner now but otherwise look about the same and still favor the southwest style attire for my professional appearances!

For those of you who are Gwynn Morgan fans, another re-released book will be coming out in May. It hasn't been out of print quite as long as Healing Hearts/ Hearts to Heal but  has been off the market for several years and wasn't widely available when it was in print. It was published by Hardshell Word Factory back in the days when ebooks got no respect and finding outlets for the print versions of such books was about like a treasure hunt for hen's teeth! So to 95% of current  readers or more, it will be brand new.

The original title of this book was Deal For Love and it will be reissued as Kit's Ultimate Deal.  As I said it will be out early in May. Of course I am very excited about it, too. The book is set in Tucson and in Arizona's scenic White Mountains and the Chiricahua Apache Reservation in that area. The H&H are a fun couple with vastly different priorities and life styles who start their relationship trapped in a blizzard, sharing a rustic cabin for about 40 hours! It was a book I really enjoyed writing and I've contemplated a follow-on or spin-off which will star the Deal hero's Apache friend, Jason Hunter and of course give Bret and Kit a cameo spot so you can see how their life has progressed after "The End" in Kit's Ultimate Deal.

Looking  a bit farther ahead, the next books to be reissued will be the first two of my Copper Stars trilogy, Penny's Luck and Mollie's McGuire. I do not intend to change those titles and Jessie's Legacy, the third book in the group which has never been completed and published, resides now in a  busy block in my computer as I work to complete it.  I hope to get Penny out late in 2014 with Mollie and Jessie to follow in 2015. These are very special books that honor my late husband's time on the Bisbee Police Department, where he was working when we met, and my middle son's long tenure with the Cochise County Sheriff's Department as well as other members of both organizations that I have known. The books were originally set in the early 1980s; I have not decided whether I will try to bring them into the twenty-first century or not! I'm open to suggestions.... I could update the first two as I re-edit them although right now I am a bit reluctant to do so. The time period is part of the atmosphere, I think!

While they bear little in common with J.A. Jance's Joanna Brady series except a common setting, I hope my love for the area comes through in them as clearly as hers does in those wonderful mysteries. She too makes the setting almost another character, which I think adds so much. I'm an ardent fan of hers, especially those and the shorter series on the Walker family. We have corresponded a bit and even have little dogs that could almost be siblings! She has an adorable little sweetie that looks a lot like my wee Rojito! How is that for a coincidence? Here is my little guy ensconced in Mom's fave chair!

So that brings you up to date on Gwynn's activities for the time being. As soon as I have a cover for Kit I will share it. It should be along in a  month or so. Meanwhile you can visit my (our!) other blog, www.deirdre-fourds.blogspot.com to follow many more personal adventures and some of the other things going on in my life, influences that have colored a lot of my writing and such!

Deirdre is busy too but I'll leave that for another post in a few days.

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