Friday, July 6, 2012

Time for another tale! Back-story first.

Hi all. The Independence Day holiday has come and gone. I hope it was enjoyable for everyone. I had a good day and saw a spectacular fireworks display for a small town put on by the city fathers of Alamogordo, NM. Awesome is overused but it pretty well fit that concept. I am a big kid about fireworks and had not gotten a chance to see a good display for some time so this one really thrilled me!

Then I had some issues with my dog. I'll post more of that on my other blog, my deirdre-fourds one if anyone cares but here and now it is time to talk about another 2011 release, the next to the last one, which came out last October--actually right while I was in the midst of moving from Colorado Springs to Alamogordo, NM. Had no internet for several days and needless to say this release did not get a lot of promotion and buzz started by me. I hated that as it is a special story!

Runes of Redemption concludes the adventures of Clay Chiles and the elf Arondel, Clay's unexpected lover and new partner. The same general background I gave when I covered the first of the two tales, Runes of Revelation, applies to this one. (that post can be found in the May group) I loved Tolkein's elves and was not too disappointed with the way they were portrayed in the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings. I too see them not as tiny pixie creatures with mischief and silly little tricks but as demi-gods, larger than life and regular humans, powerful and rather fierce in many ways.

That is certainly how I picture Aron. I'd fall in love with him in a minute myself. So I do not blame Clay a bit for being enthralled almost from the start. And it turned out that Clay was part elf himself. In this story he gets to meet his father and goes through some harrowing adventures which end by cementing his bond with Aron so that you know they are going to be together forever. That is the kind of ending I demand, really-- love triumphs over all and binds the pair with invisible but eternal chains that cannot be broken even by death--which only brings a temporary parting. You definitely need to read both these stories and in the order they were written to get the full impact.

As of today, I am working on another Thin Green Line story--it's been slow and proceeded in fits and starts as Renn, the human hero, and his alien friend and lover Darzul, gradually tell me their tale. Working title is Druid in Drag after the initial scene where Renn goes to a party disguised as a woman. I hope to get it done and turned in soon but the release date is of course unknown for now. More on that in time.

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