Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time for another feature!

It's been a week--time flies when you are having fun and even when you are not at times. To catch up on what's going on in my world you can click over to my other and read a few entries. But here we talk fiction!

My next release, the last for 2011, came out in November, part of a futuristic PAX group. I had started out to write a fairly serious follow on to my UniFleet group, previously published Treading Dangerous Ground and Fire on Ice. Any writers out there will know there are times when your characters just take the bit in their teeth and dash off, totally out of control. That's what happened with the tale that became Tom Fleet's Incredible Machine. I had never tried any steam punk before but this one edged into that genre. Actually if you crossed steam punk with Star Trek you'd be close. The first hero, Rowan, is a nephew of Gordon Farrell in Fire On Ice, a young officer with his first command. Then along comes a second son of a minor English noble who has nothing better to do than tinker with mad inventions. And he winds up traveling both light years and several centuries in his incredible machine. There are places the tale sinks into silliness, I have to admit, but it was fun. I had a ball letting it write itself--there was no pint in trying to take control once it got going! Readers and reviewers have had mixed reactions but most have enjoyed it, just for that fun aspect, some sly humor and an orgasm powered space ship! Sometimes the muse does some zany things!!

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