Friday, June 29, 2012

Time for a new featured work

The next release as I count forward toward today was The Wild Bunch: Casa which released in September 2011. It is the final installment of my Wild Bunch series and wraps up the subplot that ran through all three tales. Casa was my favorite of the cowboys in many ways, He's a Latino and grew up on a Texas ranch where his parents worked, knew poverty and hard times. He had tried to find his fortune in rodeo with his two buddies, Stace and Spark, and then came with them to work on Rainbow Ranch. He's found his niche there and a haven he cherishes. He too has been a love 'em and leave 'em tumbleweed and never settled with a long term relationship. That's partly because he developed a big crush on his boss when the three first went to work for Jason. He knows he is probably too young and certainly too far below his hero in social standing and much else but he knows that even if Stace and Spark slowly pull away from their ties to the ranch with their new loves, he will stay--until doomsday if it comes to that. As with Spark, it takes an unexpected and near tragic situation to break the inertia and start a chain of events that will lead to a happily ever after, or at least happy for now conclusion for the third of our cowboys.

Again the setting is in Grant County, New Mexico. Most of the places are fictitious but the area is very real and one of which I am quite fond. It's ranch country, rugged wild country for the most part, some real wilderness with no roads and not a lot of human intervention. The tragic fire this summer proved just how rugged and remote parts of it are--the fire actually burned in several counties but the area I feature is kind of the gateway to the Gila Wilderness. At this moment, the blaze is still  not out but contained in some very rough areas where there is no threat to property and little to human life. The summer rains will douse it this month, probably, and also wreak some havoc in flooding as bare slopes shed the water and debris rushes with it to clog canyons and rivers. But that is not part of this story... The region can live pristine forever in the tales I've set there. And a couple of pictures as I lasts saw it...

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