Thursday, June 14, 2012

The next release in 2011...

Was  installment two of my Wild Bunch series. This one was about the blond Texan. Spark. Of the three cowboys, he probably had the least baggage and angst. He's a happy go lucky guy and a firm believer in the love 'em and leave 'em pattern--until one guest gets under his skin.

In this series I tried to show that you can't just say a cowboy is a cowboy and let it go at that. They are people too and just as unique and different from one another as the rest of us! I really didn't pattern Spark after anyone I have known or even a combinaton--he is a full blown creature of my imagination. Love those blue eyes and like his carefree attitude but I also knew he was ready to be brought down a few notches when the love bug bit him hard. And Lou, the handsome businessman from Chicago, is just the guy to do it.

Lou likes to make people think he is a youthful mafia don. He's not but he does come from a strong and old school Italian family. They are not happy he is gay and his mother still hopes she can find the right girl to marry him and produce grandkds. But that's not gonna happen!

One more little ace I had up my sleeve and another shockeroo for Spark was to wind up needing help in a dangerous situation, a totally novel thing for him. That's the high point of the story and would be a spoiler if I shared it!

Otherwise the same general background I already provided for Stace's chapter of the overall tale fits here. Sad to say, some of the beautiful country that I used to set these stories has been decimated by the Baldy-Whitewater fire the last 30 days and will not be the same for many, many years. I won't go into a rant about that but I want to! Forest fires as a terrible reality in the southwest these days and one I wish I could make just go away. But it is far out of my control although I'd be happy to have you join me in an earnest prayer that they be contained quickly and few new ones 'spark' the rest of this summer.

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