Friday, May 18, 2012

The next release--Miss Bea and the Blacksmith

I guess it is no secret that I love the West. The old time westerns like Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour still resonate with me! And I adored the TV western crazy in the sixties--Maverick! The Rifleman! Wanted Dead or Alive! Wagon Train! Bonanza! Yes!!

So of course I have to write one now and then myself. My novel, Back to Tomorrow, written as Gwynn Morgan, is one foray into the old west of Tombstone in the 1880s. Miss Bea's story is another.

It came about becasue on one list a bunch of writers and some readers were talking about unlikely heroes and blacksmiths came up. I'm not sure why except I guess we tend to view them as muscle-bound "Hoss Cartright" type guys that are maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed and so not great romantic hero material. But when things like that flash past me, I tend to take them as a dare! By golly, I said, I will create a blacksmith that is a great hero! It took me awhile. I had started it about the second year I was writing for Amber Heat but it got put on the back burner as I got more into gay romance tales and other contemporary stories which generally seemed more popular. Still, it wanted to be written and I got back to it after awhile. As often happens, the vignette of Miss Bea running away was the first part that came to me. I already guessed a blacksmith would help her but I wasn't sure how that would come about. Enter Angus and once I saw him, I was hooked! Yes, a real Man, a real Hero!! I think it all came together pretty well!

I just heard from another writer who is doing a blacksmith in a future novel of hers, a kind of steam punk erotic romaance, she told me. I will have more to say on that later but I was thrilled to learn she enjoyed Miss Bea's tale and is also writing one! An excerpt and a peek at the yummy cover are coming up in just a minute! But this is the story behind the story!

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