Friday, May 18, 2012

New Release this Weekend!!

I'm taking a fast break from my backlist to talk about a brand new tale that will be coming out this weekend. It is part of a new Amber PAX from the Allure side called Bad, Bad Boys. Don't we all love bad boys? And nothing is much badder than bikers. Still, you know me-- I almost always get a canine in there somewhere so this one was no exception. Actually I had a different story in mind when I signed up to participate in this PAX and had written close to 5,000 words when I realized it just flat wasn't working. I whined on our authors' loop and a friend suggested I needed to get back to the dogs. Well, I did not quite follow her specfic suggestion but dogs did the trick. And here you have Rez Dogs and Scooter Trash, vintage Dierdre O'Dare with some unusual guys, memorable dogs and plenty of adventure--and heat!

The phrase "Rez Dogs" came from a friend who had taught on theNavajo Reservation and told me about some of the sad dogs there, some of which she rescued and still has in her care. I am familiar with the Rez since my parents taught at Shiprock for a few years and two of my college roommates went on to teach in rez schools after graduating, one at Window Rock, the Navajo capital, and another near Page which is just off the Rez. I have a lot of sympathy for all the Native American peoples in the southwest and have grown up in proximity to various tribes and gone to school with soem of the kids. From this background, I often feature Native American characters. One hero in Rez Dogs is one of them.

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