Thursday, September 15, 2016

Two releases, one out and one coming!

This may be my last chance to post for awhile since I will be out in the wilds of Alaska for something between 45 and 90 days as a "working guest" at an expedition and mid-range racing  sled dog kennel. They are 'off the grid' but do have some internet access. I am sure  my time will be limited though. Anyway, here is the latest scoop:

Out tomorrow and ready for  pre-order already (It's up at ARE!!) This is a  revised and lightly expanded version of the first of my Thin Green Line stories, then called Beyond the Shadows. The new version is retitled Crossing Borders with a lot of layers of meaning in that title. Here is the blurb and the buy link at Changeling.:

Blurb: First year Border Patrol officers Rhys Davis and Liam Malone have been friends since second grade. When their new assignment puts them on the front lines in tracking down a vicious and inhuman killer along the southern border, they must call on every resource at their disposal.

The most potent of these turns out to be memories from a life they shared two thousand years ago in the British Isles, one in which they were partners in every way, forming an eternal bond that allowed them to defeat this same enemy in that life. Will crossing the line from friends to lovers in this life destroy their friendship or build on it?  Will it allow them victory over the “Soul Eater” before the monster destroys them both?

Then, coming on October 22 from JMS books is a reissue of my story A Cop and A Con. It has not been revised but I'm pretty sure a lot of readers have not gotten their copy yet. It is a very special story to me, covering a lot of issues and situations that I've been on the periphery of and wanted to bring out in the venue of a powerful and unusual love story. It will be up for pre-order very soon and of course discounted the week of its release. So if you missed this at Amber Quill the first time around, get it this time!

Here's the link for it: 
It will be up there in a few days, moving closer to the top as the release date approaches. 
Here is a blurb and the great new cover.

Blurb: When a cop and a newly released convict cross paths, few cons can expect anything positive. Struggling toward a home he knows no longer exists, Ike Hernandez meets a cop who seems different. He isn’t sure he can believe the kindness, but he wants to learn to trust again and regain his lost self respect.  

Perry Parker became a law enforcement officer to help people. He learned there wasn’t much he could do, but now and then he found someone he could help. Would the lost man with the little dog that he picked up one stormy night be one of them? 

Pursuing tales about a new drug dealer, Perry starts to doubt the man he’s befriended but something inside still feels Ike is a decent person. When the real dealers take advantage of the convict’s past, Perry, his unofficial canine partner Badger and the little stray Ike adopted save the day. Can a cop, a con and two dogs make an unorthodox family? 

So enjoy these reads and I will see you again, at the latest shortly before the Winter Holiday Season gets into high gear!

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