Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More News!

My canine cupids stories which have always been my best sellers have found a new home and will be coming out about three at a time with two reissued tales and a new one in each collection. The publisher is Loose Id who is well known in ebook circles and has been around for quite a long time so appears to be pretty stable and a sure thing--as much as any can be these days.

The first group will be out in September or early October and consists of the new tale, A New Leash on Life and reissues, The Maltese Terror and Rescued by Love. The second group will be titled Cops and Canine Cupids and will feature the new story, Dog Jacked along with reissues Schnickelfritz in Love and Saved by Sam. No dates on this one yet but it is in the works. Actually  I am putting the finishing touches on Dog Jacked right now.

Meanwhile JMS will be re-releasing Smoke and Spots in September while a somewhat revised version of Beyond the Shadows, the first Thin Green Line tale will be coming from Changeling as Crossing Borders. I will do my best to get covers and more details up as soon as I have them.

A warning, though, I will be in Alaska working at a sled dog kennel for 60-90 days or possibly even more  starting in mid September doing deep research for my non-fiction book, Women Whun With The Dogs about the ladies who race their teams in the long distance races in Alaska and Canada. It is likely I will have very limited time, both internet access and composing time since those kennels are very labor intensive. But I will keep in touch as best I can. So do stay tuned!!

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