Sunday, May 1, 2016

Correction and Update!

Mostly good news. First as I already mentioned, Bonds of the Runes will be released by Changeling in May! The tentative date is May 29. This might possibly slip into early June but it is pretty much on track. I loved the two stories in this bundled pair, Runes of Revelation and Runes of Redemption as they were originally written and released some months apart. This new format has them together where they can be read in a close continuity. There are some new steamy additions and I also made sure the rune aspect was tied into the tale, as I had not fully done in the originals. I'm still waiting for a cover but I am sure it will be available soon. Half the edits are done and we're very pleased with progress thus far.

On Jumping Jack Flash it is now slipped to late July or August, which is fine with me since it is still a work in progress although the first draft is nearly done. As most of my stories do, this one has taken off on some unexpected and unforeseen twists but I think my readeres will enjoy it. I found there were ties from it, although it is set in the early 1970s, to the ongoing loose series, The Thin Green Line of which Runes and several other tales are part. What fun! Jack is one of the most unique characters to emerge in one of my stories while Doug is almost too ordinary but then there are depths to him you won't expect that appear nearer the end of the tale. Characters are supposed to grow as part of a story and it's been fun to watch this happen. More on this one as a firm schedule and the final version emerge!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...I always wanted to use that! Anyway, an old and a new pair of ranch set stories that are loosely connected have been contracted by JMS Books. I am really excited about this since JMS is almost an heir or spin-off from Amber Quill and a lot of the AQ authors will be there. Even Trace Zaber, one of AQ's owners and cover artist extraordinaire is there but so far not doing covers. He is actually going to be my editor, at least for now. Some of you may recall the story, The Mule Man,  It was released well over a year ago. It's going to be available again with a  new cover but little else changed come June. Then in July, a spin-off story, A Mule for a Princess will be out. This is a brand new tale and one I had all kinds of fun with. It's almost a present day fairy tale and some things probably happen too easily and painlessly so I'll be asking readers to suspend a little bit of disbelief and just enjoy it. And I think they will. I also think the covers will be eye-catching and  I am eager to show them off. You'll get first peek!

You may ask why mules? Well, in a prior lifetime--at least it seems that way--I was involved for several years with an enterprise focused on training and selling saddle mules and came to be very fond of the long eared equine cousins. Like Orr, my first hero in The  Mule Man, I think they are misunderstood and stereotyped in a most unfair fashion. So I decided to give them a break and let some of them be the secondary heroes in a couple of adventurous stories. Who knows, there may be mules and horses in some future tales also and more ranches. In fact I am almost sure of it, and of course many more "canine cupids" since those have always been my best sellers. Stay tuned for possible news on that front soon.

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